5 ways to teach the puppy to stop biting

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5 ways to teach the puppy to stop biting: We love our puppy. From the first day we saw it, what do I say on the first day? From the first moment! We feel a crush, we fall in love. He has been with us for several days, but we begin to see things that we don’t like and can turn off that crush. While we are next to him, he looks like an angel fallen from heaven, our living stuffed animal, but when we leave, he transforms into a little imp that bites everything.

Why do puppies have the habit of biting everything? Is there any way to uproot this ugly custom? In this article, we will answer both questions with the desire to help you keep that crush on your puppy for a lifetime. We will be the cupid of home canine love.

teach the puppy to stop biting

Why do puppies bite everything?

What does a baby need when teeth are starting to come out? A teether! So why do you think your puppy will be different? Like a baby, a puppy has the need to bite things when teeth start to come out. The only difference is that your puppy can walk around every corner of the house, having more things to eat at your fingertips, while a baby, as he can’t walk, can’t do it.

There are several reasons why a puppy bites anything:

  • Exploration. He thinks that your puppy is a newcomer to the world; for him, everything is new, and unlike us, he cannot feel, touch, and grab it with his hands to investigate. His way of knowing what something that catches his attention is is by biting.
  • Boredom. A dog that gets bored can find it fun to bite. After all, it is where you have the most strength and a challenge to know if you are capable of destroying something with your most significant power.
  • Anxiety. A dog that spends a lot of time alone at home can show anxiety disorders, so biting could be the way to channel it.
  • Gum pain Either for that or for suffering changes in the teeth, your puppy could bite everything because of the despair that the illness causes.

Now, regardless of the causes that your puppy bites, what can you do to prevent him from doing it?

How to teach your puppy to stop biting

Although there are many guidelines to follow to teach your puppy to stop biting, we want to focus on five that we consider to be effective.

Emit a shout

If your puppy also has a habit of biting you or family members, although they usually do it playing, sometimes they “can go hand in hand.” If you’ve seen two dogs play, they always bite, and although it’s playing, sometimes they do it too hard. Then the attacked squeals and immediately the aggressor knows that he must stop. Do the same. When he bites louder than usual, having stopped being a game, he screams. You will see how, after several times, he will be more careful.

Give her own teethers

Buy your puppy his own toys to bite. These can be in the form of bone, string, or even a doll. If you see that he did not like it much, buy another one until you find the right texture. If you have a favorite toy to bite, it will be difficult for you to eat other things in the house. Of course, if you had something ideal before, such as your shoes, for example, remove them from your sight.

Do not rabies it

Sometimes, we play with our dogs and shake them until they start to growl and try modern. We both understand that it is a game, but this act only encourages your dog to keep his mouth open as long as possible, helping him to bite everything he finds.


Make your dog exercise. Many times dogs bite out of anxiety or boredom. A dog with a good dose of daily use can not think of getting bored or feeling anxious, just think of resting. As long as he sleeps, he won’t bite anything.

Let him see your disapproval

If you bite something you shouldn’t, don’t let it. Make him know that he shouldn’t do it, but don’t take it out of sight. He must learn to obey you whether you are or not, see the object or not.

It is not an easy task since dogs, and we do not speak the same language. But we always tell you the same thing: love, perseverance, and patience, these should be the engines of the world because they really work.

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