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6 most frequent accidents in puppies: Like infants, puppies are fragile and in full life learning. They are clumsy, insecure, and more at risk than their elders.

Accidents are common in puppies. They are, fortunately, not severe, but puppy owners must certainly remain vigilant and ensure a safe and healthy environment for their pets.

6 most frequent accidents in puppies

Here is the list, not exhaustive, of the 6 most frequent accidents in our small animal’s puppies.

1. Swallow objects, plants or medicines

Like their infant friends, puppies tend to want to introduce in their mouths any purpose. Chew, bite, it is one of the favorite activities of dogs, even adults. It’s their way of discovering the environment around them.poses very quickly problem concerning puppies. Swallowing the object, no matter how small, is problematic and dangerous for the animal. He may choke, clog his bowels or stomach and be subject to repeated vomiting. This accident may involve emergency care.

They may also tend to ingest medications (which are often from their prescriptions) or plants that may be harmful to their bodies. Our medicines are also dangerous. Ingestion of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, for example, is not to be taken lightly and also requires emergency intervention.

2. Sprains, dislocations, and muscle trauma

Observing the gait of your puppy is an excellent way to detect possible traumatic muscles or bones. To see it limp, to move unusually or with difficulty must push you to consult your vet. The health of your puppy can deteriorate if you allow the situation to continue.

3. Insect bites

Like us, puppies can do bitten by mosquitoes or other insects. Some may even transmit bacteria or viruses to your pet. Not to mention ticks, mites, fleas, and ants that can also cause irritation and itching. The intervention of a veterinarian is here essential to treat the bites inflicted on your puppy and relieve it.

4. Broken nails

Again, dog is animal close to man every respect, and even in pains inflicted by fractured or incarnated nail. Bleeding and severe pain can result, and only the intervention of a veterinarian can relieve your pet. It will be able to remove the pin if the tear is too essential entirely. Medication-based treatment and bandaging will help your puppy recover.

5. Trauma of the eye

Puppies can suffer quite easily from infections and injury to the eye. The puppy, through his activities, does not often realize the risks involved. He runs everywhere, plays with other dogs, and is often clumsy enough to receive tiny projectiles or particles in his eyes. It’s up to you to check your eyes regularly and be attentive to the slightest watering or blinking. For these disorders, a veterinary visit recommended.

6. Oral trauma

Broken teeth are a fairly common disorder in puppies. They tend to put in their mouth everything they find: pebbles, objects.

Nothing serious in itself. Because in the puppy, it’s about baby teeth. Everything will depend on the break and if it accompanied by bleeding. The break becomes problematic only when there are no pieces left in the gum, and there is the presence of an injury or trauma that could promote the appearance of an infection. Consult a veterinarian to avoid infecting the rest of the dentition or other organs.


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