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Like us, Your companion has Bad Dog Breath. It’s never charming. Unfortunately, this sometimes hides a more severe pathology, and we must take this phenomenon seriously.

In this article, I will tell you about the causes and possible solutions.

What are the causes of a bad dog breath?

Several causes can cause Bad Dog Breath.


The most common cause of a Bad Dog Breath is the deposit of tartar on his teeth.

Tartar in dogs is a dental plaque that is created as time goes by. This becomes hard with time and can be seen very quickly because there is a yellowish/brown color on part or all of the tooth.

The biggest problem with calculus is the build-up of bacteria that can cause infections or inflammation in the gums, for example. These are the bacteria that cause a bad breath of the dog.

Be careful because tartar can have severe consequences for the health of a dog — for example, periodontal diseaseAt an advanced stage, the bacteria present lead to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) with the destruction of the bone that supports the tooth. This can go as far as total or partial tooth loss and sometimes to a generalized infection on other organs of the body. So you have to take it seriously.

Other causes of Bad Dog Breath

Of course, pie is not the only cause that can cause bad breath.

There is one ridiculous thing, but one to think about first is the dog’s food and also what he can eat outside or in the garden. Croquettes may not be of good quality and cause bad breath. Again, it is essential to choose an excellent food for your companion.

The dog can also eat things that hang around like cat poop or snails, for example. Yes, yes, it is possible and more common than we think.

But most importantly, he can eat his stool. This is called coprophagia, which also indisputably causes a funny smell from the mouth of our faithful friend.

Here are other causes of a dog’s bad breath. Some are, unfortunately, more serious than others:

  • Poor intestinal transit or problems with digestion;
  • Diabetes or kidney problems;
  • Tumors in the mouth or elsewhere
  • Other causes to explore.

What to do in case of bad breath of the dog?

First, if you notice a bad breath in your dog, you must look if he has tartar on his teeth. This is quite simple and can give a first indication.

Do not hesitate to check if he has transit problems to give first answers when you go to the vet.

Because yes, the thing to do quickly when we see this problem is to see a specialist. If you have observed your dog well, it may help in the diagnosis.

What are the treatments for Bad Dog Breath?

The first treatment of bad breath of the dog is preventive. It is indeed to take care of the teeth of the dog to avoid the appearance of tartar. This can be done by brushing teeth, for example, or by suitable chew treats. I’ll talk about it in more detail in another article. Again, it is essential to give quality croquettes that will be better for oral health.

Then there is the descaling by a veterinarian that can be done. This act is done under general anesthesia with a suitable tool and allows removal of plaque.

If there is an associated pathology, the veterinarian must do further examinations to find the source of the problem. From there, the treatment is adapted to the disease and the symptoms.

To conclude

The number one enemy of the dog’s teeth is the tartar that accumulates and therefore causes terrible breath.

As we have seen, this problem can be avoided or at least diminished by good tooth maintenance as well as proper nutrition.

But, indeed, our doggies do not have the same hygiene as us, and so the breath can not be perfect.

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