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Can i give my dog ​​peanut butter to eat? Peanut butter is popular with humans, but does it belong in your dog’s diet? If certain foods are to be banned, this is not the case, provided you are, of course, vigilant in terms of regularity and quantities.

Can i give my dog ​​peanut butter to eat?

The Potential Benefits Of Peanut Butter For My Dog

Peanut butter is a good source of protein, so you can safely give it to your dog. It also contains healthy fats, vitamins B and E. After a long walk, a strenuous exercise session, or a tiring trip by car; a small teaspoon will give it some peps. Several forms are available in stores; small dogs generally appreciate peanut butter, which must chew while large dogs adore the soft version.

The Potential Risks Of Peanut Butter For My Dog

Peanut butter can become a problem if there is too much sugar. Prefer brands that reduce the latter as much as products with the mention “no added sugar.” The same recommendations apply to the salt, it improves taste, but the effects are harmful to the health of dogs. Excess intake increases blood pressure and, if your dog is the target of heart disease, symptoms may get worse over the days.

How much to give to my dog?

It is possible to give peanut butter to your four-legged friend, but it’s still high in fat, so you need to control the amounts precisely. As is the case for humans, these are delicacies that given exceptionally. Avoid brushing his croquettes with such food. Admittedly, it will quickly end its bowl, but it will also take bad habits.

It can be offered as a reward or during a so-called smart play phase. In a toy, you put a teaspoon; it should occupy it for a while. It is possible to use it for taking medication, which is always complicated. You dip the capsule or tablet in a hint of peanut butter and voila!

What should I replace the peanut butter with if I want to give my dog ​​another spread to eat?

Other treats are possible for your dog, but be careful with the capacity. The chocolate should avoided. You will, therefore, not give such a spread. The one with caramel advised, but be also careful about the quantities.

In the same section, you have the jam, the choice is much broader, and the use is identical. All flavors are possible like raspberry or apricot, but watch out for sugar. The more it is present, the more the risks of overweight or diabetes are numerous.

We offer a third solution: maple syrup. This sweet alternative is often appreciated because it contains fewer calories, and it provides magnesium and zinc.

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