How do I choose a furminator brush for dog

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How do I choose a furminator brush for dog ! It is so well said that the dog is the best friend of man. Yes, adopting a dog is a great experience. However, it is essential to take care of it properly.

A small wand of stray hairs, the dog, often leaves his hair everywhere in the house, on the sofa, on the bed, and even on our clothes, which is unpleasant.

Hence the importance of brushing! Brushing the dog is a (small) chore important to perform for his well-being.

So why not invest in the best accessory for our little companion? The furminator brush is the solution to the problems of falling dog hair. Full lighthouse on this mysterious object!

Why brush his dog?

Brushing your dog seems to be a trivial task, to the point that some end up neglecting it a little too often. Error! And then first, why do dog’s hair fall? As important as brushing your teeth or brushing your hair for humans, brushing your dog is very important.


For those who were not aware, when the climate changes (in principle, it happens in the spring), the dog molts, that is to say, it loses its hair. Eh yes! And it should be noted that brushing is the only way to remove dead hair from the dog (there are growing hairs and falling hairs, like hair, for that matter).

The pure brushes for dogs, it inevitably runs the streets, but the dog furminator brush remains one of the best for sale on the market.


We also know that the dog likes to frolic everywhere, to stick his nose where it should not, to dirty places, where they end up catching fleas and other small critters that could harm him and his coat.

After his escapades, back home, brushing immediately (after possibly washing) can repair the damage, by identifying as soon as possible infections or wounds, and small critters that would have settled in his soft coat.

The characteristics of this brush

What is so special about this brush? Why is she ranked among the best? From a technical point of view, it is easy to use first.

With an ergonomic rubber handle, the brush provides comfort to the owner of the dog. Of course, brushing is a job that goes both ways; we must also think about the welfare of the dog, his pleasure

So that he is not reluctant every time we brush his hair (which would make the task of the master even more complicated) this brush has some advantages:

  • With a stainless steel blade, the furminator dog brush facilitates brushing by gently penetrating the fur of the latter and removing without much damage his dead hairs, which will make his coat softer, healthier, and new.
  • On top of that, it’s the kind of brush that does not cut the hair.
  • Also, when the dead hair is removed, they will not stick on the brush either, because it is equipped with a push-button to get rid of it.
  • Available in several types of colors, this tool will prevent your dog from looking like a “superb” walking mop (with hair become rasta) through the grooming and brushing you will do.

How to choose your brush model

This type of brush is not limited to one model, made for dogs.

It also exists in different models, in various sizes, depending on the type of domestic animals we will use, such as cats or rabbits, but also depending on the type of hair to be brushed (furminator brush for long hair, for short, smooth, curly, etc.)

Rule # 1: Choose a REAL Dog Brush

Do not use a cat or rabbit brush to save money (we often see this …). They will not be as effective, and may even, if necessary, do the opposite of expected work by damaging the hair of your companion.

So rule number 1: opt for a brush dedicated to dogs!

Rule # 2: choose the brush according to the size of the hair

The furminator brush for long-haired dogs

The furminator brush for long-haired dogs varies in size, in five different models, depending on the weight of the dog.

The hair of a dog is considered long if it exceeds five centimeters.

For the choice adapted to the type of dog, this table ranks the sizes of the brush according to its weight:

Size of the brushDog’s weightHair length
MiniatureBelow 4.5 kgMore than 5 cm
Small sizeBetween 4.5 and 9 kgMore than 5 cm
Average heightBetween 9 and 23 kgMore than 5 cm
Big sizeBetween 23 and 41 kgMore than 5 cm
hugeExceeding 40 kgMore than 5 cm

The furminator brush for short-haired dogs

Same picture, but dedicated to small dogs, which will have to be brushed with an “adapted” size:

Size of the brushDog’s weightHair length
MiniatureBelow 4.5 kgLess than 5 cm
Small sizeBetween 4.5 and 9 kgLess than 5 cm
Average heightBetween 9 and 23 kgLess than 5 cm
Big sizeBetween 23 and 41 kgLess than 5 cm
Maxi sizeExceeding 40 kgLess than 5 cm

Our opinion on this brush brand

The advantages of this brush have obviously not been stated without proof.

If we do a little tour on forums dedicated to our dog friends, we find the majority of the presence of comments and positive remarks, recommending the use of this famous magic brush.

Brushing the dog asks his master a little of his time, but also efforts. Nevertheless, it becomes a pleasant task and especially a sweet moment of sharing between the dog and his master, thanks to the furminator brush and the ergonomics of his handle.

The removal of hair is no longer a nightmare for the dog; he does not run away. On the contrary, he loves it, he asks for more! The brush is not in the process of epilating or cutting his hair, let alone pulling his skin (a painful thing for the doggie).

On the other hand, its use has a very hygienic virtue, because it avoids contact with dead hair (which can pass on allergies to the most sensitive), via the push button. No need to pick up the bad hair, just a little click, and hop, all the dirt is in the trash!

Although stable, this accessory does not require much maintenance, its long service life is one of its primary qualities. Exit to spend for his dog, as much to do it once and for all in an investment: the purchase of a beautiful accessory.

So, you want our opinion on the furminator brush? It’s simple, it is essential: no need to hesitate, we strongly recommend its use for the excellent health of your dog.

Where to buy a cheap Furminator brush?

It is usually offered in the majority of specialty shops, but also on various websites.

However, one must be careful and not be ripped off by sites (or people) who sell fake brands, not producing the same beneficial effects as the real furminator brush.

A marketplace is especially recommended for your purchases: quickly and easily, Amazon guarantees the availability and authenticity of its products, including the cheap furminator brush with attractive discounts.

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