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How do you get dog diapers to stay on? Your dog is in heat, and you decided to make him wear a diaper (also called hygienic pants)? It is beneficial during the weather. It is even an excellent tool when one wants to take care of the hygiene of his house and to be more Zen with his household. Do not spend your time chasing your dog to mop the floor is indeed very relaxing.

But … because there is a but …. here, your dog does not accept it! She does not work when she wears it, and she wants to remove it, tears it, makes a morsel, and does not let any closer when she sees the diaper in your hands!


5 steps to train him to love his diaper

The essentials, before starting: never punish the dog, neither physically nor verbally. If she does not understand or continues to want to remove her diaper, it is because you have burned a stage. Also, it will be necessary to choose a diaper to facilitate learning.

Indeed, it must be agreeable (there are several materials, a wide elastic will allow to follow the movements of the dog), adjustable (essential, so that it fits the morphology of your dog), and convenient for you (strap, clips, tie scratch).

Take your time and anticipate. It is not the first day of his heat that we must train him, but upstream.

You need :

  • the diaper,
  • tasty treats (smoked sausage, gruyere, raw meat) easy to give and to swallow by the bitch,
  • your dog,
  • a good mood (make the exercise fun for you and her),
  • and … your patience.

Let’s go!

Step 1: Create a positive association to the panty/diaper view

Choose a quiet moment. Invite your dog to join you and present him the diaper. Give him immediately a reward (sweet) as long as the panties are visible. Then remove the diaper and food simultaneously (you can hide the diaper behind your back).

Repeat until your dog positively anticipates seeing the diaper. You must not be stingy with encouragement and rewards. The more the bitch associates the couch with enjoyable things, the less she will apprehend it.

Another thing. The exercise does not need to last an hour. But regular assignments of about 5/10 minutes will be a good start.

Step 2: Make the pants a target

The principle being that the bitch goes to touch the diaper of itself. She can contact her muzzle or with her paw. It’s just that she learns to be comfortable with touch, but that she also takes the initiative.

You can use the clicker training for the regulars of this method. With the clicker, enter the right timing and reward each initiative that goes in the direction you want! If you do not know this way of learning, it does not matter; here is how to do otherwise.

Present the diaper to your dog as soon as she approaches with her muzzle (usually to sniff) REWARD now with a “yes” very cheerful! You can gradually add a voice signal (e.g., “key!”), To identify its action. Repeat the exercise as often as necessary so that she understands this request.

During this step, the diaper can be in your hands, as on the ground. For my part, I keep in hand to introduce him, and it is also more precise for the timing “action = reward food.” Once again, the dog can do the “touch” with her muzzle or with her paw. She needs to feel comfortable with the request. If this is not the case, it is because you have been too fast, or you have not been clear enough in the exercise.

Step 3: Bring the dog to pass a paw in itself

No matter the leg, your dog must be able to give it in a hole of the diaper. Hence the importance of teaching him how to touch on his own. If she feels the least constraint possible, the situation will not make her anxious.

Always reward each step. Even if the action is not complete or is not perfect, we must always encourage and reward. This is an essential condition for learning.

Then touch with the diaper, the rump of the bitch (without trying to put it). Reward. Do it until the dog positively anticipates that touch. Once this step is successful, you can gently leave the diaper on the rump of the bitch (always without putting it). Gratify your dog, with encouragement, food.

Repeat, reward. Repeat, until the bitch is concentrated on you, and no longer on her rump.

Step 4: Make the dog work

Take him a few steps, with the diaper on his rump. Keep rewarding. You can, gently, put a small bath towel on the back of the dog, so that the towel hangs a little on the sides (and it feels more what is on it). Reward.

Try again to take him a few steps. Reward when walks with the towel and diaper on rump. Remove the food reward as soon as you remove the diaper.

Repeat this exercise several times. If the dog does not care anymore, remove the towel and diaper, and the food simultaneously. And start again until your dog is entirely at ease in this step.

Step 5: Put the diaper

The truthful hour has come. Thread him the layer without tightening. Reward as long as she wears it. At the beginning, 30 seconds, then a minute, etc. The periods must be short but widely rewarded. As soon as you remove it, stop the food as well.

Repeat several times. Once the dog well relaxed in the exercise, made the walk a few steps, rewarding always. Repeat the trail, more rewards.

Do not forget! As soon as you remove the diaper, you must, at the same time, without fail, remove the food. Indeed, the dog needs to identify the object as the source of the rewards.

All these steps are not necessarily performed on the same day. Once again, you have to adapt to your dog, whatever the learning. Learning is not a contest. It is often used to live better. It must, therefore, be conducted as quickly as possible so that it is well anchored after that.

Once you have made sure all the steps have been taken, do not stop there. Have fun with your dog. Make all the steps fun, and stay that way! Invite her to play when she wears her diaper. Prove him every time she wears it, that beyond the discomfort she may feel, there will always be something positive to remove at the moment.

Another precision. Always be vigilant when your bitch wears her sanitary pants. Do not forget to remove him so that she can do her walking. Do not forget to change it and wash it. All this so that she will not be bothered in one way or another. She needs to keep a positive image of this diaper.


Do this learning upstream and as soon as possible. Confronting the dog at the last moment is not a solution. Take your time and always keep in good spirits so that your dog is immersed in your emotions.

Bring learning in a fun and consistent way! The more fun learning is, the easier it will be for your dog, and the better it will register this diaper .

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