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How to choose an anti bark collar? If you are here, you can not hear your dog barking all day long. And it may be that a collar anti-bark is an accessory that can help your dog and you to find a kind of harmony at home!

In this article, you will find our advice to choose and buy a collar anti-barking, but also more advanced information on the barking itself to guide you in the best choice of the solution to adopt facing a dog barking a lot.

How to choose an anti bark collar?

Barking and community life

Community living with a pet can sometimes be problematic. Indeed, a dog left alone during the day can quickly become a source of embarrassment for our neighbors by its barking.

In the same way, some dogs, sometimes very anxious, tend to bark when faced with the slightest suspicious noise, which can very quickly become extremely unpleasant for us, their masters, and therefore have repercussions on our relationship with them.

Being able to identify the reasons for these barking to treat them is, therefore, essential to maintain “peace” with your dog … and your neighbors!

Understand the barking before acting

Before choosing a solution to fight the repetitive barking of your pet, it is necessary to identify the reason for its barking: alarm, warning, playful, or need.

In other words, your dog sends you a message that should be understood.

  • Is he bored?
  • Is he anxious?
  • Does he feel trapped behind bars or a window?
  • Are there other animals nearby?

A stressed animal’s actions did not change in the same way as an animal that did not stimulate enough.

Once the cause found, several options will be available to you, but all rest on the same principle: rehabilitation. However, it will be valid provided it operated on a behavior taken in fact and corrected systematically.

It can range from simple bones to gnawing at dog sessions, sprays, medical treatments, and other extremely aggressive and, therefore, unsavory methods.

Before making a decision, consult a veterinarian. It will be the best place to validate your hypotheses and guide you to the most appropriate solution for your dog.

The anti bark collar: for what?

This collar is the subject of many discussions held in many forums, mostly because the masters have no understanding of how they operate.

Indeed, correcting behavior in a dog can sometimes be difficult, and many sites occasionally offer radical solutions, causing fear of causing pain to the animal.

To guarantee its effectiveness, you must, of course:

  • that your dog has not abused before (which can happen when you adopt an old dog in a shelter),
  • that he is not locked up for a long time and especially to understand the cause of his barking on pain of seeing the problem return indefinitely
  • or that it manifests itself by other equally troublesome symptoms such as compulsive licking, excrement in the living areas or self-mutilation, or even a worsening of aggression.

With the necklaces that we recommend, you can be sure that the removal of barking your companion will done in respect of his well-being. They will also have the advantage of not requiring your constant presence because of their automatic system.

All necklaces on this page fitted with painless devices appropriate for all sizes and in different colors to satisfy the most challenging requirements.

Besides, their use is effortless, which maximizes the safety of your dog. Primary role in reacting to complaints you can live with your dog’s peace of mind.

Which necklace system to choose?

There are no less than 5 different necklace systems:

  • Odorless spray system
  • Citronella system
  • Ultrasonic system
  • Electrostatic system / vibration
  • Voice system

Anti Bark Collar with Odorless Spray

This necklace equipped with sound sensors. With each bark, he will emit an odorless spray just under the mouth of your pet, creating a surprise effect that will divert his attention.

It based on the stimulation of hearing, sight, and touch. The spray discharge is cold and wet; it creates an unpleasant sensation that will be quickly associated with barking.

This type of collar is more suitable for small and medium-size dogs.

The citronella bark control collar

This necklace on the same principle as the previous one, with the difference that the spray is this time flavored with lemongrass, odor that few dogs appreciate. It has the advantage of stimulating an extra sense: the sense of smell.

Ultrasonic bark collar

The operation of this collar remains the same as for the spray collar. Sound sensors activate when the dog barks and then trigger an unpleasant noise only perceived by your pet.

It is not to make him deaf or to punish him painfully: the ultrasounds are dosed only to cause an unpleasant feeling that the dog will associate quickly with his barking.

As soon as he stops barking, the noise will also stop. It is suitable for young dogs as well as small dogs and is more effective when combined with behavioral remediation.

Warning: the collar does not have vibration sensors; it will react to all barking. Thus, if you have several animals, be sure to use this collar only when others are absent.

The anti bark electrostatic collar

Many of us are quite opposed to this kind of necklace, fearing a much too painful punishment. Fortunately, the models available today allow on the contrary to avoid this inconvenience.

We operate using sound sensors and vibration sensors produced by your companion’s vocal cords, which prevent nuisance from causing at least external noise.

At each bark, a successive electrostatic pulse sent through diodes placed in contact with the skin.

Each dog shows a different sensitivity; it is essential to choose an adjustable collar to keep only the unpleasant feeling and not cause pain. Automatic models are to avoided, and we will not list any on this site.

Because of the system itself, this type of collar is generally suitable for medium and large dogs, as well as stubborn dogs.

The reference brand: Petsafe

Petsafe remains THE benchmark brand in terms of anti-bark collar. It has adapted to all sizes and needs, even the most demanding masters, while offering a range at affordable prices.

She has therefore developed “tools” designed by masters and masters of dogs for masters and mistresses of dogs.

The brand agrees that the collars it offers not recommended for dogs whose barking is a result of stress or anxiety disorders.

It highlights the fact that an anti-bark collar is in addition to behavioral remediation and appropriate training. Alone, it would be less effective or even inappropriate for a long-term correction. It is, therefore, a tool to facilitate the work of the dog and master.

Most Petsafe bark collars are equipped with sound sensors AND vocal horn vibration sensors from your companion, making the collarless sensitive to external noise and thus avoiding untimely stimulation.

You will find at home models for each system: spray (odorless or flavored), ultrasonic, vibration, or electrostatic.

It offers necklaces able to adjust to the barking of the dog automatically but also adjustable by the master.

Some applications provide code memorizes the stimulation number and the frequency of the stimulation and thus guarantees the full safety of our companions.

Unlike other necklaces, those of Petsafe remain at an affordable price for an excellent quality. They are available all over the world, on the internet, as in pet stores. Also, the brand regularly invests its funds in all kinds of actions aimed at improving the living conditions of dogs.

What are the benefits of the anti bark collar?

These collars have the quality of reducing stress at a time:

  • Of the master: this one does not have to be present whole days to correct the behavior of the dog. You can gradually see the reduction of barking and go to work with peace of mind.
  • Of the dog: thanks to the setting of the collar, its well-being, and its security guaranteed.
  • From the neighborhood: if the collar combined with a correction of the training, the results will felt quickly.

Is it dangerous for my dog?

No, anti-bark collars are not dangerous, as long as you respect certain principles.

Such necklaces founded on fear of an unpleasant and appalling sensation. The electrical collars are, of course, handled with care. As masters and dogs, our priority is the respect and well-being of the animal.

Why are the designs we suggest adaptable to every dog to avoid painful feelings accurately?

The first days, it is advisable to watch the reaction of your animal face this new collar to be able to adjust the intensity of the stimulations. Do not intervene except to congratulate your dog when stops were barking.

In any case, the anti-barking collar remains a quick solution, but you must make sure to remove it regularly to avoid a usual effect.

Some collars can also cause irritation or necrosis if they worn permanently. The maximum duration of wearing a barking collar is 8 hours and remains adjusted for each dog.

In which cases is the anti bark collar advised?

Petsafe recommends not to use its necklaces on:

  • puppies under 6 months
  • pregnant or lactating bitches
  • dogs with significant health problems or heart or disability that prevent them from responding correctly to the stimulation provided (blindness, age, injury …)
  • Dogs suffering from behavioral disorders such as anxiety disorders (separation anxiety …) or hyper aggressivity

If in doubt, do not hesitate to discuss it with your veterinarian, who will reassure you.

Where to buy an anti-bark collar?

Available in pet shops, it is also possible to buy your barking collar online. The prices generally vary from 10 $ to 300$ or more. If it is not necessarily necessary to spend 100 $ in a necklace, we do not advise you to throw yourself on the lowest-end models.

There are so many Chinese brands offering electric collars 10-15 $, but without rate change, no security to stop electric shocks after a while, etc … In short, collars uncomfortable and especially dangerous for your dog.

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