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How to choose a bike basket for your dog? If you have a small dog, the purchase of a bike basket adapted to your pet could facilitate all your trips in town or the countryside. It must be comfortable and safe for your pet, and you will need to follow a few precautions. To make sure you know all about the dog bicycle basket.


Interest of the dog bike basket

It is quite possible to choose the bike as a means of transport for dogs, provided of course that your dog is not too big! You will need to buy a transport basket specially adapted for dogs.

The purchase of a particular bike basket for dogs has many interests. These baskets are specifically designed to house a small dog and bring you different benefits:

  • it allows you to take your dog everywhere with you, including to the vet or in a park;
  • correctly attached to your bike, it is not likely to fall on the road;
  • your dog, securely harnessed to his basket, can not jump off the bike while on the move.

Whether you live in the countryside or the city, transporting a dog by bike will always be practical, very useful and ecological! Is, for example, an excellent solution to a sick dog by car since transport by bike is often much milder and less traumatic for the animal.

What bike basket for what kind of dog?

Of course, dog transport bike baskets are only suitable for small breeds of dogs. Generally, only dogs up to 8 kg can be carried onboard a bike basket. The heaviest would necessarily create an imbalance or pierce the bottom of the basket.

As with most dog bags, only the smallest dogs can transport by this means.

Good to know: you have an imposing dog, but you still travel by bike? In this case, why not invest in a dog bike trailer? This accessory is ideal for carrying a dog whose weight is between 8 and 25 kg.

Choose a bike basket for my dog

If you have a small dog and want to invest in a bike basket to carry it, take the time to think. Different criteria are to be considered and taken into account before the purchase of a dog transport basket by bicycle.

  • The type hook: depending bags, you can attach dog luggage rack (on back) or front of handlebars. It’s up to you to choose according to your preferences and your bike.
  • Fasteners: Beware of the power of the cables attached to the bike and straps with such a basket. They must be easy to handle so that the bike basket can be quickly detached and used as a conventional transport bag.
  • The closing system: as a precaution, choose a closed transport bag (to prevent the dog from jumping). A mesh cover or a grid allows to protect the dog without obstructing view during the trip.
  • The maximum weight supported: before buying such a dog accessory, always check that your pet is not too heavy for its use.
  • The comfort: if the bottom of the basket is not well padded, it is better to place a dog pillow for the support of the animal.

Our advice: the basket must be large enough to leave some space for your dog. Also, be careful that the bag well ventilated so that the dog can breathe easily during the ride.

Traveling with a dog in the bike basket: the precautions to take

As with any means of transport with a dog, some basic safety rules apply before using a dog bike basket. Here are some recommendations to avoid accidents and to transport your animal in the best possible conditions.

  • The ideal is to get the dog used to traveling by bike from an early age, to reduce his anxiety in transport.
  • Before using your dog bike transport bag for the first time, do a test without the animal. Put books or heavy objects in the bag, and go around the block. It is essential that you quickly get in the habit of cycling with this extra weight.
  • Gradually introduce the dog to his new transport basket. To begin, try to get him into the cart without riding. Then, carry it in his basket by hand. Wait until he’s used to cycling.
  • Never leave the dog in his cart when you leave the machine. The presence of the dog causes an imbalance and may cause the fall of the bike.
  • Be careful to secure the dog inside the basket, to reduce his movements during the trip, and to avoid loss of balance.

Fortunately, it takes quite a bit of time to get used to the presence of the dog on the bike. Soon you will be able to travel with a dog on a bike without even realizing it!

Important: Remember that a dog carry bag is not designed to withstand a fall or shock. It is imperative to pay close attention to the traffic and the different dangers when traveling by bike with a dog.

The price of a dog bike basket

On average, it takes between 20 and 80 $ for the purchase of a dog bike basket. The price depends primarily on the model that interests you and the brand. For a high-quality transport basket, expect around 40 €, or more if you want a specific model.

You will find this type of dog bike baskets in some bike shops, in pet stores, or on specialized websites.

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