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How to choose a dog water bottle? The purchase of a dog bottle is essential in summer or during your long walks. Just like the man, the dog needs regular hydration to feel good and be in perfect health. Equipping you with a dog gourd is a simple and effective way to hydrate your pet during your walks. It is, therefore, an essential accessory for going on holiday with a dog, or for hiking.

How to choose a dog water bottle?

Characteristics of dog water bottle

If you have ever tried the experience of giving dog water, you know how much it is wasting your drinking water. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a dog water bottle, which helps hydrate your dog more efficiently and without waste.

Importance of dog water bottle

If the purchase of a dog water bottle dispenser is not necessarily essential when you stay at home, it is an accessory to remember if you decide to go on vacation with a dog. It is also a must in a hiker’s bag.

The gourd with bowl allows you:

  • to be sure to have water within reach to hydrate a dog;
  • to give a dog a drink without wasting water (and therefore to be sure to have enough);
  • not having to carry a bottle or container too heavy during your walks.

The dog water bottle must accompany you as well during your walks in the countryside as during your days at the beach. But wherever you are, do not forget to provide your pet with shade and hydrate regularly.

Proper to know: good hydration and regular breaks help limit the risk of heatstroke in dogs.

Different models of bottles adapted to dogs

Naturally, and if you do not have a special gourd at your fingertips, you can always give the dog some water from the bottle or from your bottle (which is not very hygienic).

The advantage of dog water bottle is that they are specially designed to hydrate your pet. They are, therefore, systematically equipped with practical accessories so as not to waste water unnecessarily: integrated bowl, bowl-shaped lid, etc.

If the dog travel gourd may not seem essential at first, you will conquer from the first use.

Choosing a dog water bottle for your dog

There are different models of water bottles with dog water dispenser. Generally, the quality of these bottles is worth it. Do not hesitate to check the conditions of your dog water bottle.

Essential elements to consider are:

  • The capacity: a large bottle contains a lot of water … but it is heavier to carry. If you have a small dog, a flask of fewer than 300 ml may suffice. Otherwise, opt for a large model.
  • The material: a stainless steel flask is often stronger and retains more freshness. It is also more substantial and more expensive than a plastic bottle.
  • The Dog Drinking System: Make sure your water bottle well designed for dog use and that its use is convenient and straightforward.

Finally, you may be interested in the design of the dog water bottle. But we must admit that it is a very accessory criterion!

Price of a dog water bottle

You can find dog gourds in some pet shops, shops specialized in hiking, supermarkets, or on the internet.

It is necessary to foresee between 5 and 30 $ for the purchase of a bottle for a dog. The cost depends primarily on the quality of the product and its characteristics.

For a single plastic dog gourd, plan a dozen dollars.

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