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How to choose an ultrasonic dog repeller? As its name suggests, is a device that helps repel these animals. This device uses ultrasounds that are inaudible to humans but very unpleasant for dogs. It allows animals to move away from the vicinity of your garden or to scare a wild dog. If you are afraid of dogs, or they are a nuisance for you, such a device can be handy.

Presentation of ultrasonic dog repellents

There are different solutions of dog repellents, more or less effective. Among them, we can mention the dog repulses that rely on ultrasound to keep canines away.

What is an ultrasonic dog repeller?

The ultrasonic repeller is a device that emits ultrasound consistently or regularly, to keep stray dogs and cats away. It should known that dog ultrasounds are sounds transmitted on a very high frequency. While they are inaudible to most men and women, they are very unpleasant for the dog. A dog ultrasound device can, therefore, make dogs run away from you or your garden. This device also works on cats.

Good to know: children and teenagers often perceive ultrasound. Such a device can be embarrassing if you have young children at home.

Uses of a dog ultrasound device

Ultrasound devices mainly used for two purposes:

  • The ultrasound emitter is an excellent way to keep dogs out of a garden. It is especially advisable if the dogs and cats of the neighborhood come to do their needs in your garden or ruin your plants.
  • There are also portable ultrasonic dogs that you can take anywhere with you. It is a useful accessory if you are afraid of stray dogs.

Suitable to know: Ultrasound can also use with a bark collar for small dogs. But then it is not strictly speaking a repellent.

Effectiveness of ultrasonic dog repellents

Before buying a dog repellent, the first question to ask is whether it works? In this respect, it can said that ultrasound has often proven in dogs.

Effectiveness of ultrasonic on dogs

There is evidence that ultrasounds disturb dogs and can cause them to leak. Ultrasound is perfectly audible to all dogs. As proof, dog whistles are often used ultrasound when you want to educate a dog at a distance. Broadcast continuously or during the appearance of a dog, ultrasound can effectively remove dogs. However, it should note that not all dogs have the same sensitivity to ultrasound.

Note: It may happen that some dogs or cats do not react to an ultrasonic repellent.

Is ultrasonic dangerous for the dog?

If you are worried about the health of the animals exposed to your repellent, be reassured because the ultrasonic is a nuisance for the dog, but do not make it suffer. Tell yourself that the ultrasound first and foremost form an annoying whistling, which causes the dog to move away.

Good to know: unlike the use of a pepper spray, the ultrasonic repeller is entirely painless for all animals.

Choosing an ultrasonic dog repeller

If the purchase of such a device tempts you, note that it is better to choose your model carefully. Here are the essential selection criteria when trying to buy an ultrasound dog repellent:

  • The use: remember to differentiate mobiles dogs despise (to take with you) repellents boxes dog (to put in your garden).
  • The sealing: if you opt for a box to put in your garden, be careful to choose a waterproof product, able to withstand the weather.
  • The operation: Considering that the ultrasound is more effective (and less harmful for people who can hear) if they are triggered only in case of occurrence of an animal. Opting for a model equipped with a motion detector is a good idea. If the sounds broadcast continuously, dog’s neighborhood may indeed get used to it.
  • The range: a good ultrasound machine can push dogs up to 15 m. If you opt for a portable device, it is better to act from a distance, so that a stray dog ​​can not approach you.

Price of an ultrasonic dog repeller

It is possible to find ultrasonic dog repellents in some pet shops or garden centers or more just on specialized websites. On average, it is necessary to provide between 20 and 60 $ for the purchase of such a device.

 Note: You may need to purchase several dog ultrasound repellents to cover all the entrances to your garden.

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