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How to choose the dog shampoo? Grooming and applying a dog shampoo will help ensure the hygiene and good health of your pet.

The pH of a dog’s skin is essential than that of humans. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a suitable shampoo for your dog, and apply it regularly. Follow the indications and tips of this zoom.

How to choose the dog shampoo?

Dog shampoo: why should you shampoo your dog?

Applying a dog shampoo is not just about beauty. It is essential to wash a dog for regularly:

  • hydration and hair growth;
  • the vitality of the coat;
  • the protection of sensitive skin;
  • pest control action.

Thus, the shampoo ensures as much the beauty of the coat as the dog’s good health.

Different types of dog shampoo

Depending on the product, there are various ways to use shampoo for dogs.

Shampoos for powdered dogs

Powder shampoo is dry shampoo. It allows for washing a dog without having to get it. It is enough to powder the dog’s coat and to penetrate the product. Then you have to brush the animal.

Note: This is an ideal application for dogs that do not like water, or when conditions are not conducive to a wet wash (cold, operated dog, etc.).

Shampoos for dog spray

The spray shampoo is the second solution of dry products for dogs. This time, apply the shower on the coat and make it penetrate. It is then necessary to wipe the coat, then to brush it.

Note: Like the previous solution, this dry dog ​​shampoo avoids the use of water.

Classic shampoos

There are many dog ​​shampoos to apply with water. It is then necessary to moisten the coat with hot water, then massage to penetrate the shampoo. A classic shampoo requires an abundant rinsing. You must then wipe the dog and brush it.

Good to know: not all dogs will enjoy cleaned with water. Make sure the weather conditions are right (hot and dry) for the animal to dry correctly.

Choice of dog shampoo

There are shampoos suitable for all types of dogs. Here are the different features to study to choose a suitable product.

Dog’s hair

Choose a product that fits the size, color, and nature of your pet’s hair. We can find many specific shampoos:

  • for hard hair;
  • for silky hair;
  • for woolly or curly hair;
  • color enhancer (black hair, for white hair, etc.);
  • detangler and conditioner.

Good to know: a dog groomer can advise you on the best product to buy for your pet’s hair.

Skin problems

It is good to choose a shampoo adapted to the issues encountered by your pet. The shampoo is as much a product of care as of beauty.

There are different products adapted to a dog’s skin disorders:

  • Parasiticidal shampoo: a pest control product for dogs, to avoid parasites and soothe skin irritations.

Shampoo dealing: Compared to problems with dandruff and coat.

  • Anti-itch shampoo: problems with your skin and irritation.
  • The shampoo for oily hair: with anti-seborrheic effect, to sanitize the skin of the dog.

Good to know: in case of skin problems in your dog, ask a veterinarian for advice.

Dog’s preferences

Finally, we must take into account the preferences of the dog. Some animals will not tolerate cleaning with water.

Dry lotion or shampoo that recommended for smooth operation (powdered or sprayed).

Good to know: if you have to groom your dog regularly, prefer dry shampoo, less aggressive for the skin.

Frequency of dog shampoo

It considered that the dog should be cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks. The rate between 2 shampoos depends on:

  • the type of hair;
  • the kind of shampoo;
  • the activity of the animal

The best is to clean the hair of the animal as soon as it is dirty.

Warning: it is not necessary to wash a dog every week. It can damage his skin. Treating shampoos for dogs often indicate a frequency of use.

Price of a dog shampoo

A bottle of dog shampoo costs between 3 and 15 $ , depending on the type of product and the capacity.

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