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How to choose the dog toothbrush? The purchase of a dog toothbrush is essential to ensure the proper dental hygiene of the animal if you tend to forget about it, brushing your dog’s teeth Regularly a great way to prevent oral problems.

Better to accustom your dog to the toothbrush from the first days, so that he accepts this type of care perfectly afterward. Zoom on brushing the dog’s teeth and on its usefulness.

How to choose the dog toothbrush?

Importance of brushing for the dog’s teeth

Many teachers are unaware of the importance of brushing teeth in dogs. And yet, a dog with well-brushed teeth is much less likely to develop dental problems.

As the dog’s meals progress, plaque fixes on his teeth. If the teeth not brushed regularly, dental plaque gradually turns into tartar. As a result, a dog with broken teeth is more likely to suffer from gingivitis, oral infections, and tooth loosening.

Regular brushing of the dog’s teeth ensures optimum protection and has many advantages:

  • You eliminate plaque and prevent the appearance of tartar.
  • You guarantee the hot breath of the dog.
  • You avoid bacteria and oral infections.

In this way, your dog has a healthy mouth and is not likely to suffer from gums.

Good to know: once installed, descaling the dog can only remove the scale. It is an expensive operation and requires general anesthesia. Hence the interest of avoiding it to the maximum.

Role of the canine toothbrush

Brushing the dog’s teeth is done with dog toothpaste and a suitable toothbrush. If the use of a toothbrush may seem odd on a dog, it is essential. And for a good reason, it is the manual effect of brushing that eliminates plaque.

Using a dog toothpaste can make this experience even more productive and enjoyable for the dog, as these toothpastes are specifically designed to be enticing and digestible for the animal.

Good to know: Regular brushing of a dog’s teeth is essential to remove plaque, even if you do not use dog toothpaste.

Frequency of brushing a dog’s teeth

Ideally, it is advisable to brush your teeth every day to eliminate plaque as it appears. But brushing once or twice a week is enough to get results.

The best is to start this care from the arrival of the dog at home so that it gradually gets used to you manipulate his mouth. It is important to brush all the dog’s teeth, including the deepest ones. Hence the importance of being able to open the dog’s mouth full.

choose the dog toothbrush

There are three leading solutions for brushing a dog’s teeth:

  • The specific dog toothbrush: a particular brush designed for the dog, and often sold with dog toothpaste.
  • The perfect toothbrush: Buying a soft toothbrush can also help brush a dog’s teeth.
  • The fingerstall: the fingerstall is a rough brush to place at the end of your finger. It facilitates the brushing of the dog’s teeth, and so can be helpful to start. Many babies are rough (and near the thimble), while others are like a toothbrush, like a fingered string.

The ideal is to choose the easiest and tolerated solution for your dog.

Good to know: If the use of a human toothbrush tolerated, never use toothpaste for a dog. Toothpaste for humans is very unpleasant for the dog and is not at all designed to digest. As a result, your dog may suffer from significant digestive problems.

Toothbrush for dogs: what about the price?

The purchase of a toothbrush for your dog is very accessible in terms of price. The cost of a dog toothbrush is, on average, between $ 2.50 and $ 10.

Most expensive models usually sold with a dog toothpaste pot. It is essential to buy a new toothbrush as soon as it is necessary.

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