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How to choose the right sport for your canine? There are many officially recognized dog sports. Most competitive games can play with a non-breed dog. The Sports canine training is practiced usually with sheepdogs or custody. Finally, each breed has its favorite sport: sled, work with water, herd, or hunting.


Condition to the practice of canine sports: a dog correctly training

Canine sports are the way to share beautiful moments with your dog. They appeal to obedience, the energy of the dog, and the will of the dog to please his master. But to be a weight competitor, the dog must first be fully educated and obedient. Even though the canine education club is not a permanent place to compete in a race, most champions’ masters have been there:

  • These training clubs are most often associations in which dog owners come to complete their dog training or canine sport.
  • Adolescents, women, men, seniors, club members have a variety of profiles and register for many reasons  :
    • They fail to be obeyed by their dog.
    • It presents behavioral problems.
    • Or, stung by the virus of cynophilia, they want to strengthen their cooperation with their animal by learning to be obeyed in joy and play.

 Clubs offer classes taught by educators who are fully conversant with dog behavior. You can start by taking simple dog training classes. Then, at the rate of 2 hours per week, it is possible in a few months to perform exercises that thought to reserved for an elite.

choose the right sport for your canine

Dogs enjoy showing off their skills when they are in a dog sport. This sport must adapt to their race, size, and daily activity. If you can choose the right game for your dog, it will be more than happy to participate. Let’s see what types of sports exist:

Canicross and Canicyclocross

The canicross consists of running a certain distance called (across) with the dog by connecting it to you with a lanyard of about 2 meters. The pair runs on a course that drawn in advance and covers different types of terrain: country roads, forest trails, etc.

The Canicyclocross is a practice bike and not on foot. The loin is longer and can go up to 2.5 m. This material is essential and allows the dog to always connected to the runner.


This sport involves exercising the dog’s agility to overcome several obstacles at regular intervals. The dog will have to cross the obstacle course as soon as possible, whether single or double hurdles (Oxer), ramps, rigid or flexible tunnels, tires, walls, poles (slalom races), or swings.

The Agility sport works to boost the speed, flexibility, and coordination of the dog.

Your role as an owner is to encourage it along the way. You will understand that it will be an impossible mission if the dog is not accustomed to obey you.

To participate in such a game, dogs divided according to the size of the withers. The different distributions are:

  • Dogs under 37 cm,
  • Dogs over 37 cm,
  • Those less than 47 cm,
  • And those over 47 cm.

The field trial

The field trial mostly reserved for hunting dogs. During this sport, the owners select the best-hunting dogs by analyzing their speed, their determination, their endurance, and possibly their relationship. When dogs begin the activity, the jury carefully examines the hound’s attitude and detects playoff behaviors such as fear of gunfire, incessant barking, or aggression. The dog can also penalize if he is distracted, noisy, fearful, or if he chews the game, he must bring back.


Flyball sports activity is also possible for all dogs. In this sport, it will be necessary that your dog skips a course composed of 4 hedges at full speed. Once we arrived at the end, it must trigger the ejection of the ball by pressing a kind of automatism. Then he will have to catch the ball in the air, then bring it back to his master.

By practicing this sport, the dog exercises his coordination, his intelligence, his adaptation, his reflexes, and his ability to jump. Since it is also a sport that practiced in a dog team, your companion will also work on his ability to socialize.

The rhythmic obedience

In this activity, the dog must obey you by dancing to the rhythm of a song in perfect harmony with you. The choreography must be original, with figures that will become more and more difficult throughout the dance. This sport develops dog training, thinking, flexibility, obedience, and socialization because of the public around you.

Racing and pursuit at sight on the lure

The breeds that do most of this activity are the Greyhounds because of their impressive speed.

These velocity events practiced on grass tracks, sand, or syndromes, with several dogs running behind a lure. The first to cross the finish line is declared the winner.

The sled and pulka

This type of activity generally performed by Nordic dogs (Huskies and Malamutes). During the event, the driver stands on a sled pulled by a dog team. This sport allows the socialization of dogs to accentuated by teaching them to listen to one another and cohesion.

The Pulka is a variant of the sled and practiced with a smaller and lighter sled called Pulka. Unlike the sled, the team consists only of one or two dogs, and travel is ski touring or alpine hiking.

Why practice a dog sport?

The master/dog relationship

The practice of a canine activity has the following interests for the relationship of the master and his dog:

  • Canine sport strengthens the link between the dog and his master.
  • It also brings many satisfactions.
  • It can also be an opportunity for the dog to let off steam at the weekend. Thus, it will be wiser at home for the rest of the time.

Some dog sports reserved for purebred dogs in competition. But clubs can accept animals not registered as long as they do not participate in official games.

Note: dog sports practiced in the same clubs as dog training throughout the world.

The passionate meeting

If canine sports are very popular with dogs, their masters can also find a lot of them:

  • Sports clubs cultivate friendliness, and competitions are often the opportunity to meet for a festive weekend.
  • The athletes from across the country introduce their national specialties to each other and meet friends while the dogs match.

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