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How to learn the booster to your dog? The booster is one of the 6 original orders to know for your dog. It allows you to ride safely, even in the presence of stimuli! ا

Why learn the booster to your dog?

As you probably know, the dog needs physical expenses. For this, it is essential to go for long walks without a leash where he can run at will.

The problem is that without a leash, our dog is free to do what he wants …

This means that he can run away if he sees something that interests him in the distance (another dog, a cat, a bike, a bird …), and in this kind of case, the disaster can quickly happen!

It can tumble on the road, hurt itself, hurt someone, jump on children, or even worse, create an accident.

He becomes a danger for you, the others, but also for him.

To avoid this kind of situation, he needs to know the reminder! He must, no matter the case, come back to your feet when you call him back.

Before you start

Know that there is no age to teach him this order. The sooner you do it, the better ! You can, therefore, work on your dog’s booster at 3 months old.

Another critical point for the understanding of your order: You must ALWAYS (for the reminder but also the other rules) to say the first name of your dog before giving the order

For example, Poppy feet!

Regarding the name of the order, it’s up to you to see what you prefer, the important thing being to stay consistent. Here are some examples of law for the booster:

  • At the feet!
  • Come back!
  • Come!
  • Right here!

 Whatever the word/order, you must always use the same.

The booster: how does it work?

As in all his education think to work step by step. Do not start a booster in the middle of a park if you can not get home. Start rather at home, in the garden to get used to the order and then go crescendo

The secret to having a good reminder is to be attractive!

For this, it is imperative:

  • Make noise (clap your hands, on your thigh)
  • To be visible
  • Be in an attractive posture (squatting)

As soon as he returns to you reward him for his return with full of caresses, congratulations or a treat (do not hesitate to exaggerate, the more you party, the better)

You will thus anchor in his head that return = reward, it will then be more conducive to return to you. This is the very principle of positive reinforcement.

Once he has associated the order with returning to you, start practicing it outdoors without stimuli and then adding difficulty as you go.

What if he does not come back?

Maybe you’ll call your dog, make some noise and squat, but he’ll have nothing to wax about. He will prefer to watch flies fly rather than come with his master …

In this case, do not panic!

You can go to the opposite extreme from where it is. Take a look and see if it follows you. (He should come quickly)

If he still does not come back, you can call him, always starting at his opposite.

Warning error: If your dog does not return to the reminder, never run after him!

Because for him, not to return = it does not matter because my master comes to me anyway!

This behavior will turn into involuntary reinforcement, that is to say, that you will teach your dog not to come back …

Finally, if you use the reminder to finish the ride and give him the leash, wait a bit!

Remember, play with him and wait a minute or two. If you end the walk on a reminder, it will associate the reminder to the negative because come back = end of stroll + leaves, either all he does not want

Tips from the dog expert

 Use the game to learn the booster to your dog!

Hide and Seek is a great way to teach him to come back to you.

In the house and outside, hide and call your dog (behind a door, a tree, a bush …)

You will work on his ability to return (the reminder) and to seek you through his sense of smell or hearing. It’s perfect for stimulating him mentally and making him think of having a good doggie in his head and legs.

That’s it; you now know how to make your dog come back to your feet thanks to the reminder! It’s up to you to apply these tips every day, every walk so that it becomes an automatism for your dog

  • Want to go further in educating your dog?
  • You’re tired of his behavior,
  • He is unmanageable, and you do not know what to do?

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