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How to make your dog obedient? Training a dog properly and making him obedient can be summed up in two things: Reward good behavior and punish bad ones.

As for humans, the dog directed by a simple law: It will start all that he finds pleasant! (principle of operant conditioning)

Did you eat chocolate once, and did you like it? You will then have a great chance to taste some again.

On the contrary, you have associated one thing with the negative: You burn a red light, and therefore, you lose points, and besides, you have to pay a fine, you will be logically less likely to start again.

Well, the dog also works like that. If you come to associate obedience with affirmative, then it will start again, and you will have an training dog that will listen to you entirely.

But then, how to associate something with positive?

How to make your dog obedient?

The 5 motives of the dog!

 You have 5 motivations that you can use to reinforce the good behavior of your dog. To reward an order, a calm behavior, a moment of focus …

The problem of the masters is that they always use the same motivation: The food!

So they have a dog obedient only with treats in hand, and if you have the misfortune not to have on you, your dog will do as his head …

And his behavior and routine: You taught him well!

The reward and training of the dog, there are internal and external motivations.

Let’s start with these!

External motivations

External motivations are, therefore, elements external to the dog to reward him.

So we find here:

  1. Toys
  2. The sweets

The decisive point of these two motivations is that they have a strong attractiveness. Most dogs like at least one of them.means that these two reasons used well, it is possible to educate your dog quickly because he will have a strong motivation to obey.

On the other hand, the problem is that the dog does not obey you. Follows only in interest to play or have a treat.

If you do not have one of these two motivations with you, then you leave 0. The dog will listen a lot less or not at all!

Is the problem of educators who only use treatments?. If the dog does not like it, they are stuck and can not do anything …

Your dog is smart, and it’s perfectly normal. If you do not give any reason to obey, why should you do it?

External motivations are perfect for early training and start learning orders, but you must not be dependent on them.

Remember, if he does, it’s because he thinks it’s nice and he has something to gain.

We must, therefore, use internal motivations!

Internal motivations

If the previous motivations are potent and effective, they are to used with moderation.

Here it will rather use.

  1. The caresses (real big kisses)
  2. Encouragement (by voice)
  3. Freedom

These 3 rewards will allow you to have a dog that is more focused on you, what you say, and not what you have in your pocket.

Dogs are all different, and no one works better.

It base on his character and what he likes. It’s up to you to try the 3, to see how he reacts and then to know what he prefers.

Let us specify that for the caresses, it is a real party and not a small kiss on the head. You must be thorough and give him a real reward.

It is the same for encouragement; you must shout and motivate! Not a little, “Poppy Bravo is good.”

With these two, we must do too much, exaggerate to associate with a reward, and… Something nice!

The last motivation is the ultimate. The strongest, the best: Freedom!

This one is walking with all the dogs; they all want to run, leave, sniff, scratch and make a living.

It’s up to you to use all three and explore them to see which one is best for your dog. Some are very cuddly when others want to run freely.

But even having found THE BEST, I advise you always to use several. Diversify your rewards to progress continually and not have a dog dependent on a specific motivation.

If you use all five motivations, your dog will be happy, obedient, calm, and well educated, all without ever using violence, stress, without getting upset and without shouting.

Your dog will obey you for you because you will have a beautiful relationship of cooperation, and you will not be a pure distributor of candy.

The five motivations are the first steps of canine education. You must master them to succeed in training, but that’s not all …

It is also necessary to learn the rules of life at home, the six original orders, obedience at home to succeed then outside and above all, understand the dog psychology and the functioning of your dog.

Fortunately for you, there is the challenge of 21 days to succeed in his education quickly, easily, and fun!

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