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How to successfully socialize your dog? If you have a dog, it is essential to do what is called “socialization.” It’s all about making your dog discover the world he lives in, the human world, so he can adapt to it and be confident.

How to successfully socialize your dog? 

A well-socialized dog will be happy, right in his paws, and will not react as soon as he crosses a bike, a dog, a duck, a cat …

Proper socialization will also prevent you from having a shy dog that does not move in the street and is afraid of the slightest noise. A fearful dog suffers from this situation … Find out what to do to socialize your dog.

Socialization must be done all your life and at any age. However, it is essential to do it as soon as possible even if you have a puppy (do it before three months is essential)

Know that there are two types of socialization in dogs:

Intraspecific socialization

It’s just about being socialized with other dogs. It starts with his mother and the puppies from his reach and then the dogs you meet outside.

He will learn dog codes, how to communicate with dogs and adopt good poses with his fellow-creatures.

Interspecific socialization

Here we talk of socialization to another species than his own. In this case, it will be mainly to the human so that it understands our functioning, how we communicate, etc.

Then it will also be socialized with other animals such as cats, cows, birds, and whatever you want. The goal is not to have a dog hostile and aggressive but on the contrary, friendly and right in head.

Finally, the last part of the interspecific socialization, he will discover our society to us, humans. So that means being used to seeing cars, motorcycles, buses, hearing noises, etc.

That’s it, the basics set, and you know that your dog needs to discover the world in which he lives.

How to socialize your dog?

If you have a puppy, socialization must be done immediately in his first months.

For that, nothing more simple: You take your leash, and you leave your dog a maximum in new places.

You understand, he must discover everything. Go to the city, in the forest, on the market, on a parking lot, in the street, in short; he must see everything.

Your dog must know everything he is likely to encounter. The ideal is to go downtown and walk everywhere.

You must make him discover:

  • A maximum of smell
  • A maximum of noise
  • Maximum stimuli (humans, bicycles, animals, dogs)

For many masters, it will be a challenging exercise because it is necessary to leave his comfort zone. But you must still do it, take your courage with both hands and go on an adventure in search of maximum stimuli!

A failed socialization can make dog aggressive and with different behavioral disorders. It is, therefore, crucial for one’s well being to used to seeing stimuli.

If you live in the countryside, you still move to the village or the nearest town for him to discover.

Every stimulus, everything he sees, must become commonplace.

He meets a bike? Well, if socialization is successful, he does not react because he sees every day, and he knows what it is.

But beware, socialization should not be a trauma for your doggie. It must be in a positive phase of discovery to you to make it fun, fun, and enjoyable for your dog.

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