How to teach your puppy to recognize his name?

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How to teach your puppy to recognize his name? Can we name his puppy as we understand it? And especially how to teach him? Are there sounds more acceptable than others? Can your puppy change his name if you have made a mistake or adopted it and do not like the name?

It is essential to choose your name because it will make future learning easier!

So many questions for so many answers! We’ll tell you from A to Z how to learn your new name from a puppy! Follow the guide!

Choose the right name for your puppy.

Before teaching your dog his new name, it is crucial to choose this one. Indeed, you should not be regretful. Some names, by their sound, are easier to learn for dogs.

By the way, many masters seem to lack imagination when it comes to finding a name for their dog.

For that, I advise you to choose a name not very long.

A name consisting of two syllables is ideal. The chosen name must be able to snap at the sound level. It’s better a name that will allow you to have a happy tone, so instead, a name that goes into the treble sound levels. Like names ending in “A” or “or.”

The name you choose should be easily pronounceable for you! No need to want to impress the gallery with a strange or unusual name, if you can not always pronounce it well. Does this sound stupid to you? Still, this one is paramount if you want to start on a good foundation and make life easier for your dog and yours!

Logged names are not quite impacting and take too long to get out. What makes that in case of urgency, if we want the attention of the dog, it is much more difficult to see that it will not work at all! Why bother when we can be pure?

I would add that the younger the dog, the easier it is for him to learn his name. So enjoy it!

The 5 easy steps to get your dog to remember his name quickly.

Step 1

As with any new learning, it’s best to work in a quiet place, without stimulation and reassurance, so your puppy can concentrate easily. At this age, a puppy has a very diminished attention span. So do concise but repeated sessions. The best is often to start directly at home. Because your puppy knows your house by heart, and he will be less attracted to anything other than your presence. I also advise you to be alone with your puppy to start learning. The rest of the family will be very quickly involved if everything is done as it should. Once the place is well adapted, go to the next step!

Step 2

To facilitate learning and to make it fast, it is necessary to go through positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is a continuation of behavior based on motivation and merit to effectively increase the likelihood that the specific behavior will recur again and this through the addition of a motivating stimulus or an enhancer such as food or the cheek. Only your dog will guide you on the choice of this reinforcer. The easiest thing is to use the food! No need to reprimand your puppy, it’s even forbidden. In the future, your dog’s name must always be synonymous with something positive. So stock up on super-appetizing treats (like bits of cheese, raw meats) and your puppy’s favorite toy.

Step 3

Then call your dog by name. For example, take the name of my dog, ​​”Bamboo.” So say joyfully and intonation starting in the treble, “Bamboo!” There are two reactions that the dog can have. Or, he is intrigued and turns around, and you can then warmly congratulate him with the candy or his toy. You can even play the situation with a “yes, it’s good Bamboo!”. Either your dog does not turn around. If so, do not dispute it! Come in front of him, give him the treat, and repeat his name, “Bamboo!” Always motivating. As soon as the dog takes his reward, congratulate him again.

Step 4

As the dog learns by association and repetition, it will be necessary to repeat this exercise very often. Make short sessions (to avoid the dog getting tired or make a negative association with the course) and happened without ever getting upset!

If you get upset, your puppy will not want to come back to you, which is counterproductive for learning. It is, therefore, essential to remain patient and tolerant.

Step 5

This learning must be generalized in various situations or places. Attention, generalize does not mean too fast! If you go to a dog park and you let go of your dog, it will be a sure failure, because it will be too stimulated to listen to you!

So take your time and make the exercise more complicated as the puppy grows up. Always reinforce the ethical behavior of your dog, and ignore him if he does not listen to you right now. Complicated step by step exercise. It is undoubtedly frustrating for you, but again, it is to consolidate the learning of your puppy, but also your relationship that remains to build.

After several days of work, your puppy should recognize his name much more quickly.

Change the name of your dog

If the original name of your puppy or your adult dog does not please you, it is possible to change it, by putting in place all the steps explained above! It will just be patient!

How do I know if my dog ​​recognizes his name?

An effortless way to know if your puppy has understood that you call him is to call him nicely when he pays no attention to you or sleeps. If you have followed all the steps, your dog will look at you, and even better, he will come to you! You can then congratulate him.

If your dog is not looking at you, you have probably burned the previous steps. Burning the steps also means that the place may be too stimulating for your dog, and that is why it does not come to you. So make sure this step is done in a rather neutral and quiet place!

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