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Mosquitoes and dogs: what are the risks? Mosquitoes are flying insects that sting for food by collecting blood. We know that they are responsible for many diseases in humans and also in animals. In this article, we will dwell on our dog friends and understand the risks that can affect them.

Mosquitoes and dogs

Two diseases of dogs caused by mosquitoes

Even though the mosquito is a tiny animal, it can cause severe damage to our favorite hairy pets. Indeed, when it stings, it injects into the skin saliva that contains bacteria that can then pass through the blood. For dogs, two diseases need to be very careful.

Heartworm disease

Unfortunately, heartworm disease can be fatal for dogs. This so complicated name disease is due to a tiny worm deposited by the mosquito during its bite. This small foreign body can make its way to the heart of the animal. Can lead to small heart failure with the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal fatigue;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Difficulty breathing.

As I said, this pathology can then lead to the death of the animal if there is no medical care.

Fortunately, there are why it is always essential to consult a veterinarian as soon as there is a sudden significant change in behavior.


Leishmaniasis is also a severe disease but transmitted by a cousin of the mosquito, the sandfly. The dog can even die, and no treatment exists to date.

Again, small parasites enter the body of the animal during the bite and cause some symptoms up to kidney failure.

The other danger of mosquitoes

Even when it does not sting, the mosquito is dangerous for our hairy. All anti-mosquito products used to protect themselves from their bites are formidable for our companions if they ingested. Indeed, the insecticides used are toxic for our hairy. Also, lemongrass is a powerful repellent for dogs, who particularly hate its smell. To keep mosquitoes away, pay attention to the products you want to use, do not hesitate to buy repellents for this purpose, and to read their notices. And do not forget, there is nothing better than a tremendous old mosquito net!to net!

Why should you pay attention to mosquitoes for your dog?

Even if your dog does not catch the diseases above (and I wish you strongly), it is still not good to expose it to mosquitoes.

Indeed, as for us, the bites are not pleasant and scratch just as much. Also, during walks in areas where they are numerous, the noise of these insects and the fact that they are around your dog makes the moment less pleasant.

Besides, bites in the wrong places can be disabling. For example, if it located on the leg, there may be a limp.

But most importantly, there may be some allergies and, therefore, extreme swelling, burning, and itching.

If the dog is scratching too much, it can also become infected and become more serious.

Can we protect a dog against mosquitoes

It is quite possible to protect a dog against mosquitoes. But we must avoid chemical repellents like bombs because it is toxic for our doggies.

It is, therefore, best to focus on prevention. For example, you are limiting access to your dog in sensitive areas.

There is also an anti-parasitic form of cachet, necklace, or pipette. Some have an action against the majority of parasites and, therefore, against mosquitoes.

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