My dog scratches his ears what does that mean?

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My dog scratches his ears. What does that mean? It is undoubtedly the sign of an auricular affection … But which one? Follow with passion our article, and you will find a good explanation

My dog scratches his ears

A foreign body in his ear canal

A foreign entity may have lodged in your dog’s ear canal. This often leads to otitis and causes scratches and jerking of the head.

The foreign body may be of vegetable origin: spikelet, sand, hair … This discomfort usually appears suddenly.

How to remove a foreign body in the ear?

Only your veterinarian can remove the foreign body in his ear. We must not wait because the risks of superinfection are higher if the problem is not taken in time. Your veterinarian will remove the foreign body with a suitable forceps. An anti-inflammatory and analgesic may be prescribed for a few days.

The ear canal is obstructed

The most common cases causing a plug in the ear canal are the presence of polyps or tumors. They prevent the flow of air.

The inner skin of the ear canal may be thickened. This usually occurs because of chronic ear infections.

How to treat an obstruction of the ear canal? 

Only surgery performed by a veterinarian can remove a tumor or polyp.

Parasites in the ear canal

Dogs scratch their ears a lot because of one of the most common causes: external parasites. They are easily lodged in his ear canal, and the dog is continually scratching to remove them.

Ticks, mites, and fleas can cause itching and pain or even allergies in dogs.

Ear Scabies, acariasis, a form of otitis, is caused by a parasitic mite named Otodectes cynotis. It feeds on cerumen and epidermal waste. Located in the dog’s ear canal, it causes skin lesions.

How to eliminate parasites present in his ear canal?

Most of the time, it is enough to clean the ear canals with otological products acaricides, then to apply in the auditory canal and antiparasitic drops or ointment prescribed by veterinary vote.

The treatment should be continued for 8 to 10 weeks to cover any mite breeding cycle. It will also treat cats, rabbits if you have.

Allergies that make itchy ears

Several allergies can cause itching in dogs.

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory disease of the skin. It causes thickening and redness on the surface. It can be likened to eczema.

Food allergies, intolerances to an auricular substance can also be manifested by itching in the ears

An allergy-related infection usually affects both ears. It is characterized first by an inflammation of the flag: the skin becomes red. We notice the appearance of swelling.

How to treat an allergy to the ears?

 There are several treatments according to the allergy presented by your dog. Only your veterinarian can prescribe a suitable medication. Most of the time, as for the gall of the auricles, it is enough to clean the ear canals with otological products acaricides, then to apply in the ear canal a pest control. An antibiotic treatment may also prescribed.

Autoimmune dermatosis or foliose pemphigus

Leafy Pemphigus affects 3 dogs out of 1000 presented in specialized dermatological consultation. This is an autoimmune disease. The signs are the appearance of large pustules, erosions, and crusts at the level of the auditory pavilion. Some breeds would be more predisposed like Akita Inu, Cocker Spaniels, Chow Chow, Collie, Dachshund, and Doberman.

How to treat an autoimmune dermatosis?

Most often, it is a treatment for life. Drugs that alter the immunological reactions of organisms such as cortisone, azathioprine, chlorambucil prescribed.

What if my dog ​​scratches his ear?

In case of itching ears, it is dangerous to self-diagnose your dog with ear drops. This could make the problem worse.

Consult your veterinarian if scratches persist. If you notice redness or a run of serum, consult promptly.

Monitor and care for your ears

My dog ​​has droopy ears: we clean!

Dogs with drooping ears such as Cocker Spaniel, Basset, or King Charles Rider are susceptible to ear infections due to poor aeration of the ear canal, high local temperature, and impossible natural drainage of earwax.

To avoid ear infections and infections, once a week, do a thorough cleaning of the ears: duct and flag.

My dog ​​has hairy ears: we pile!

A healthy hair in the ear canal or at its entrance compromises the natural evacuation of cerumen and traps all kinds of foreign bodies.

To avoid this phenomenon, every two weeks, clean him his ears.

Every three months, remove the bristles from the canal with your fingers or tweezers.

The best is to entrust the animal to a groomer! For a cocker spaniel, a monthly mowing of the whole internal face of the pavilion advised.

My dog ​​has his ears straight: we are watching

Better ventilated, they pose less problems. However, the production of cerumen should monitored because, in some dogs (shepherd, rottweiler …), it can be excessive and become suitable for infections.

Perform monthly to biweekly cleaning. Inspect the ear if it has an abnormal port (it falls), it is often the sign of an otitis looming …

If your dog shakes his ears and scratches behind the flags, when the inside is black, dirty, and smells terrible, if he refuses to brush his ears, take these signs seriously to prevent problems of health.

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