Rottweiler character and how to educate him

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The Rottweiler is a breed of great complexion, and many times, for this reason, we create prejudices towards it.

These dogs usually have the bad reputation of being dangerous and unreliable. However, the character of the rottweiler is formed by training and teaching by its owners. In the following article, we tell you how to educate a specimen of this breed.

How is the character of the rottweiler

As a first step, it is necessary to know some of the main characteristics of the nature of the rottweiler. This does not mean that all dogs of this breed are equal, but there is a particular ‘inclination’ to behave in the same way.

The rottweiler is a trendy dog all over the world, and although it is believed to be dangerous and attacking for no reason, that is only a preconception that we humans have due to their physical structure.

Unlike what we can think, they are very friendly, peaceful and familiar dogs; Of course, they distrust strangers and will not hesitate to protect their own in case of danger. However, they will not go down the street, biting people ‘just because’.

It is also an affectionate race, very obedient, with a good predisposition for work, docile, and self-confident. You will never see him doubt or be afraid of something that happens around him.

He loves being in the company of his family, marvels with children, and establishes a great relationship with them. In addition, he prefers to spend most of the day in open spaces, exercise (run, jump), and play.

Nor does the Rottweiler usually have a problem with other dogs or pets, especially if it has had a great socialization since childhood. It is essential for this to take you to the park on a leash and allow contact with other animals only when the owners remain calm.

And finally, we cannot ignore the high intelligence and cunning within the character of the Rottweiler. You will quickly learn the orders indicated by their owners, and through practice, you will be able to comply with all the ‘tricks’ and lessons learned.

How to educate a rottweiler

Now that you know a little about the character of the rottweiler, you probably want to adopt one to become your faithful companion for many years. If so, the next step, once you get home, will be to educate you correctly. Pay attention to the following tips:

1. Set the rules from the start

This is very important, and everyone must agree at home (if you live with other people). What will be the home rules set in advance: can you sleep in bed? Who will take charge of walking it? And to teach him obedience tricks?

If the animal arrives at a home where some say one thing and others do something different, they will not know how to react to each situation. Therefore, first, determine among the family members how the rottweiler education will be.

2. Take it to the park

Once the veterinarian indicates that you can leave home – during the first weeks, it is recommended to leave it inside to avoid the spread of certain fatal diseases – it complies with a walking routine.

When you take it to the park, always with a leash and collar. And if you socialize with other dogs, then we recommend that you first observe the situation well. When your pet is nervous or fearful, it is best to take it away from others and try at another time.

3. Reward your good behaviors

Some owners use negative punishments when the animal misbehaves (for example, with hanging necklaces ). However, that makes the rottweiler – and any breed in general – a more aggressive animal that will respond with grunts and bites to what it considers a threat.

So, when you do something wrong, say a resounding ‘no,’ loud (without shouting), and energetic. This way, you will understand that you should not do it again. And when he behaves well, then you have to reward him somehow. How? Through pampering, caresses, kind words, a treat, or a toy … You decide!

The character of the rottweiler will allow you to teach everything you need to know and learn it in a short time. Also, have some patience at the beginning if it does not respond as you expect.

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