The best Road Trips in the United States

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The best Road Trips in the United States: Of the 4.09 million miles of roads in the United States, here is a small selection of a few sections of them that go off the beaten path and promise exceptional road trips, day trip or trip of a week, want air or wander aimlessly, eager for discovery or empty plans, there is no reason to put the ignition and roll. All these roads lead to the photo novel, follow the guide.

The best Road Trips in the United States

Hwy 1 Pacific Coast Highway – California Love

A spoiled driver’s itinerary

top-road-trip-united-states-national-parks-routes-highway-1-map road winds from San Francisco to Los Angeles for about 200 km, which are savored, from bend to bend – and can make regret the most delicate to be passenger and non-driver. It is also surprising when the most rural road gradually turns into an apocalyptic highway at rush hour to Los Angeles.

When and how to make this road trip?

The road trip will be enjoyed in autumn or spring before the summer wraps San Francisco in fog, and Los Angeles turns into a giant oven. The party in Big Sur winds, so it is inadvisable to embark on the motorhome adventure with the car hanging on the back. The best is the car.

Do not miss on the road

Big Sur and Monterey


Big Sur On this 140-kilometer section that criss-cross on a steep coast, falling into the sea.


Monterey, a beautiful historic town with beautiful buildings wedged between 2 tourist catchers (including Fisherman’s Wharf and its mechanical museum), which was the capital of California under the Spanish, then briefly under Mexicans and Americans. If you are in no hurry, you can stop at the beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, city, known for being a little different, even bizarre, with a look of the 1960s that still floats in the sea air. One proof among others, the Big Foot Discovery Museum in the mountains of Santa Cruz, who questions more than sincerely the existence of Big Foot, this giant with big feet also called “Sasquatch,” and establishes hairy theses on his current place of residence.

Pacific Grove

Right next door, Pacific Grove, known for being a quiet corner filled with Methodists in the early 19th century, and the charming 17 Mile Drive. If you travel from October to April, you will surely see hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies filling the sky with orange-winged wings to escape the freshness of Canada.

San Luis Obisbo and San Simeon

San Luis Obispo and San Simeon, where you can visit the very particular Hearst Castle. Alternatively, you can get off at San Luis Obispo and take a look at the local artwork: the Bubble Gum Alley, where residents have covered the walls with a dark alley of thousands of chewing gum.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, a pretty coastal town that has kept its historic architecture and Spanish missions, punctuates your road trip. The city revolves around State Street and extends to Fisherman’s Wharf.

California West – Between Cities, Valley and National Park

A spoiled driver’s itinerary

We can not do better in terms of variety of landscapes: Starting from Los Angeles, head north to find the most beautiful of the California coast: the peaceful Santa Barbara, the authentic Carmel, the bustling San Francisco. Then head for nature with the magnificent Yosemite National Park and a desert dive in the Death Valley … But we will not stop there! Not until you see Hoover Dam, which controls the power of the famous Colorado River.

When and how to make this road trip?

If in Los Angeles, the temperatures are mild in winter, it is not the same in the North. They can even freeze at night in the Death Valley. We will have warned you! The car or the RV remains the means of choice to visit this beautiful part of the United States, Ceetiz also offers comfortable bus tours, for those who do not want to miss the show.

Do not miss on the road

Smell the sea breeze in Carmel, leave (but return) on the island of Alcatraz, get the portrait shot in front of the Golden Gate Bridge …

From North to South California – The Beautiful Escape

A spoiled driver’s itinerary

For those who have the spirit of contradiction and want to do the opposite of the previous trip, it will be a trip through four states, from San Francisco, after visiting every nook and cranny.

Then, direction Santa Barbara and its Spanish mission, Solvang and its Danish community and Big Sur with its superb cliffs.

The visit of Yosemite National Park is here also a must, followed by the Valley of Death. (Big) Icing on the cake, visiting the Grand Canyon! Count 7 days for this road trip, at least …

When and how to make this road trip?

As mentioned above, the 4 states you will cross during this road trip have a very varied climate … hot days, or moderate, cold, or cold in winter. Be careful in your bags, just in case.

Do not miss on the road

Get shot in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, leave (but return) on the island of Alcatraz, smell the breeze of Carmel, but in that order!

Overseas Highway – The spit of land on the sea

A spoiled driver’s itinerary

205.2 km of road connecting the continent to the main Keys islands to Key West, the southernmost of the United States, with the Atlantic on the left and the Gulf of Mexico on the right. The mile markers punctuate every mile traveled from Key West (number O) to Florida City (number 127.5).

When and how to make this road trip?

It is better to opt for winter or spring, before (or after) the heavy and wet season of hurricanes, from June to November. By car, motorhome, motorcycle, bike, you see!

Do not miss on the road

Islamorada and Key Largo

top-road-trip-united-states-national-parks-routes-overseas-highway-mapIslamorada is more like fishermen, who can indulge their passion aboard a “charter boat.”

Key Largo, self-titled the capital of scuba diving, although it is in Islamorada is located Florida Keys History of Diving Museum. It is also the largest island of the Keys, and the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park attracts more than a follower of the seabed: it is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

Middle Keys

The Middle Keys, which group together different islands with the center of activity, Marathon, and the beautiful Sombrero Beach to take a dip. Duck Key remains a protected corner, where turtles are often found, and whose transparent seabed and little damaged are the delight of divers.

The Lower Keys

The Lower Keys, which contain one of the most beautiful spots of the Keys: Bahia Honda State Park, but also Big Pine Key, where hotel prices are much lower than in Key West, and the National Key Deer Refuge where you will be able to see the cervids unique to the Keys.

Key West

Key West, which punctuates your road trip in the Keys. Previously a secret haven for pirates, Key West is now the tip of the United States. Its unique atmosphere and tropical warmth transport you to another world … ideal for a weekend.

Blue Ridge Parkway – The little favorite of Americans

A spoiled driver’s itinerary

It runs along the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachian Mountains and leaves from Waynesboro, Virginia (mile 0) to Cherokee, North Carolina (mile 469).

When and how to make this road trip?

The road is once again beautiful in autumn when the trees lose their chlorophyll and are tinged with orange, yellow, brown, or red. The best thing is to get into a car or even a motorcycle, all at maximum 45 mph.

Do not miss on the road

Do not forget to refuel

There is no station on the Parkway. Then open your peepers everywhere; you are on one of the most beautiful roads in the United States! You leave one park – Shenandoah National Park – to get to another one: the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Humpback Rocks

Humpback Rocks, gorgeous area rich in history where you can opt for a session hike among the rocks.

Linn Cove Viaduct

The Linn Cove Viaduct, the last section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to be built, winds its way up the Grandfather Mountains.

Linville Falls

The Linville Falls, waterfalls that mark the beginning of the Linville Gorge, where, according to legend, the Native Americans used to execute their prisoners.

Watterock Knob

Waterrock Knob, ideal for health walks and magnificent views of the Plott Balsams and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Hwy-100 – The green flow in the middle of Vermont

A spoiled driver’s itinerary

The Wilmington section of Newport, Vermont only. The route passes through small New England villages with history, with their little white steeples, dairy farms, artisanal and cider shops, ski areas, or merely breathtaking landscapes.

When and how to make this road trip?

top-road-trip-united-states-hops-national-parks-hwy-100-map autumn, when the trees gild the horizon and bring out the green of the conifers … Magnificent. You can also opt for the beginning of winter, since the road is part of the “Skiers Highway,” connecting several ski paradises. The best thing is to get into the adventure by car and plan chains, just in case.

Do not miss on the road

Molly Stark State Park

Before heading out of Wilmington, do not miss the Molly Stark State Park and climb to the top of Mount Olga for magnificent 360-degree views of Berkshire, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The road then crosses the Green Mountain National Forest, a protected federal forest lining the majestic Green Mountains.


Then come the charming town of Weston, classic Vermont and its hospitality, and Killington Peak, or “the beast,” the second-highest peak of the Green Mountains, and its sporting options (skiing or hiking), or a small cable car for the breathless.


We continue the trip with the city of Waterbury, a stop for gourmets of all kinds: this is where the historic Ben and Jerry’s plant stands, whose iconic Woody cow recalls the beautiful meadows Vermont fat, the sweetness of their milk, and the smoothness of their cream. On the program, a tour of the premises, tastings of frozen delights, and other milky festivities. The road then narrows to Newport.

I-40 – The United States Belt

A spoiled driver’s itinerary

The I-40 is huge and crosses the southern United States from North Carolina to California. Prepare your trip a minimum before, not to swallow asphalt for 36 hours without enjoying anything.

When and how to make this road trip?

top-road-trip-states-national-parks-routes-hwy-i40-mapBy car or RV, preferably in the fall or spring. The purists can opt for the bike, especially on the legendary sections of the road 66: Route 66 joins the I-40, and they make a path together from Oklahoma City. More info on this historic road trip.

Do not miss on the road

North Carolina

The Great Smoky Mountains, straddling North Carolina and Tennessee. This World Heritage is the busiest national park in US national parks and provides you with a breath of fresh air.

In Tennessee

The 3 largest cities in the state swinging: Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville. The part of the I-40 that joins Memphis and Nashville receives the name of “Music Highway.” Music buffs will make a stop in Memphis, which saw the birth and evolution of giants like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding, B.B. King or Aretha Franklin, or Nashville, or otherwise called “Music City.”


The Hot Springs National Park, the country’s smallest national park, also known as the “Spa of the United States,” where you can, of course, enjoy natural hot springs to cleanse and relax.

In Oklahoma

The section west of Oklahoma City that runs along and ends up joining Route 66, which allows you to tread a bit of historical bitumen

In Texas

The minimal end of Interstate 40 goes to Texas at the Amarillo city, and the Palo Duro State Park is the second-largest canyon in the United States after the Grand Canyon.

New Mexico

Those who are fossilized in their seat will be able to stretch their legs in Old Town Albuquerque because this old city is mainly visited on foot. If you are on the road in October, you will witness the beautiful “Albuquerque International Balloon,” the biggest event of its kind in the United States, which colors the sky with hundreds of little bubbles.


The Petrified Forest National Park welcomes you in Arizona, with a show quite unusual, with trees petrified in time and become stones, hardened by the minerals that color the interior of the trunks and branches. A little later, the Meteor Crater appears a little near Interstate 40 and gives the landscape a moon-like look – NASA’s astronauts have even trained in this 190-meter deep impact crater. In the same vein of greatness of nature, the Grand Canyon comes next – apart from the I-40 always – and brings you back to the ground. Indulge yourself one day to enjoy this breathtaking park that leaves you at the same time with an unreal sensation of unfinished.

In California

The Mojave National Preserve, with its desert expanses, sandy dunes, and Joshua Trees tree forests, for a solitary and serene arrival in California.

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