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Top 10 most intelligent dogs in the world: Our companions’ dogs have a great ability to learn tricks and actions that are sometimes amazing. However, even though all dogs have this ability, others are more humorous in learning. According to specialists, 10 dog breeds stand out from the rest of the most intelligent dogs. Here is a list of the 10 most intelligent dogs.

Top 10 most intelligent dogs in the world

Ranking of the most intelligent dogs

1. The Border Collie

The Border Collie is a very affectionate and docile dog who loves the presence of his master. Whether for training sessions, body care sessions, or sports activities, he is an excellent companion who quickly retains the tricks he taught. Although it has always used as a pasture guardian, today, it is becoming more widespread and acclimates to any environment because of its rapid learning. It can very quickly hold turns, which is advantageous for a person who does not have much experience in terms of dog training. It is also essential to know that it can run out quickly. So, even if you want to teach him a lot of good things, take a break to let him regain his strength.

2. The Poodle: Top 10 most intelligent dogs in the world

The poodle is a genius little dog that is used as a water hunter or in circuses because of its excellent ability to reproduce towers that are sometimes very surprising to humans. His joie de vivre makes him an excellent companion. However, you must give him a little time each day to allow him to work out physically.

3. The German Shepherd

You have certainly seen him several times in police series alongside the police. It is that this dog can learn quickly and follow directions to the letter. It is then useful in the excavations, for example. Even if he spends his family days at home, he can still be as efficient as long as he has hours to let off steam and mentally stimulated daily at home.

4. The Golden Retriever

This dog is known for his patience and affection, especially towards children. He is, therefore, a good ally for a big family. He is also able to learn many tricks and can spend long hours with children without hurting them. On the contrary, it is sometimes very protective of children, in case of the presence of a stranger.

5. The Doberman

Although he has long been considered a dangerous dog, Doberman is a very faithful dog and able to follow the orders given to him. He can comfortably concentrate on exercises and can learn many tricks. It is essential to know that he is sensitive enough and does not like being rushed during training sessions. Once lessons learned, he can be an excellent watchdog at home or in the country. All you have to give him is your daily time as well as love.

6. Shetlands Shepherd

Coming from the Shetland Islands, this dog is very receptive to orders and manages to execute them, provided they given calmly and gently. His faithful and loyal character makes him an excellent companion who is very attached to the family members in which he grows up. To ensure his full development, he needs to be given daily attention and constantly stimulated intellectually.

7. The Labrador

Known for his playful and sometimes spirited character, the Labrador is a dog full of strength and vigor that is naturally docile and talented in learning. He is even more docile when he is offered great rewards after he has completed a trick. However, his energetic energy makes him sometimes uncontrollable, especially when he is in the company of children. It’s not that he’s planning to hurt them, but he’d like to show them the many tricks he’s learned, and he can be awkward at times. It is not advisable to leave children unattended with him. His high instinct and his ability to follow orders make him a good helper dog for blind or disabled people.

8. The Continental Mini-Spaniel

The Continental Dwarf Spaniel is a fast-paced dog that enjoys spending hours with his master. He can be very comfortable in a cani-rando activity and can be very attentive during training sessions, especially if beautiful treats arouse his curiosity.

9. The Rottweiler

Even though he is in 9th place, the Rottweiler is not sidelined and is known for his affectionate and calm character. Once he receives a good education (with positive reinforcement), the dog will quickly be a good ally and will reproduce everything you have taught him.

He can be at once gentle, affectionate, faithful, jovial, but furious with strangers. It can also be an outstanding watchdog, as in the past, the breed’s ancestors cared for cattle. Even today, you will have no trouble training him to ensure your protection.

10. The Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has always been used to keep the flocks. With his exceptional ability to steer, he can easily understand the order he receives from his master and manages to lead the sheep in a given direction.

However, if you are an amateur in dog training, we recommend that you do not choose an Australian Shepherd as the first pet.

Finally, it is essential to note that all these smart dogs are fans of walks and need you to give them time to time so that it romped to the maximum. If you’re on time, we suggest you do a joint event like the canicross and derivatives, which have two primary purposes: reinforcing your animal’s collaboration and making your dog spend both physically and mentally and olfactory.

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