toxic fruits and vegetables for your dog

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We love our dogs very much. So much so that sometimes we think well of sharing our meals with them. Yet, we often do not know that certain foods can be harmful to their health. Here are 10 fruits and vegetables that dogs should not eat under any circumstances.

What we would not do for our four-legged companions! These faithful and affectionate beings who accompany us throughout our life and who bring us every day our lot of happiness.

Often we are tempted to share our food with our dogs. First, because they look at us with their big eyes, imploring us to give them a small piece of our food, but also because we like to share moments with them. We think that fruits and vegetables are right for you, as a rule. But as far as canines are concerned, it’s not always obvious. There are indeed fruits and vegetables that are toxic to them. This list will save you from making mistakes in the future.

Grapes and raisins

You probably did not know, but grapes are particularly harmful to dogs. The reason for its toxicity is still unknown, but the potential presence of mycotoxins (substances present in molds) may be at its origin. It must be avoided at all costs to give them this fruit to eat because they can lead to kidney failure. So be careful with the bunches of grapes accessible by your pet in the garden, because the latter could eat it himself.

Onion and garlic

Some people wrongly claim that garlic is beneficial for the dog’s diet. And yet, the Pet Poison Helpline, a phone line of professional veterinarians available 24 / 24h warns the masters: garlic is considered more toxic than onion. Either way, these two foods can cause severe problems to your dogs, including lethargy, high heart risk, and breathing problems if they are consumed in large amounts.


This delicious fruit is a potential danger to your animals. The pulp of the fruit is safe for your dogs, but it is different when it comes to the cherry tree that, once consumed, can cause respiratory failure, even death. The plant contains poison; it is cyanide. So be sure to keep your dogs away from cherry trees.

The mushrooms

We must always pay attention to the mushrooms that we pick, and it is also valid for us humans. It is, therefore, necessary to be doubly vigilant with the dogs that they can consume mushrooms found in nature that are potentially dangerous. The toxicity of fungi can be fatal in dogs and cause epileptic seizures and tremors.


Yes, it’s quite surprising, and yet … gooseberries are bad for your dogs. Like grapes, you must avoid giving your pet at all costs. The effects are not sudden; go to the vet without waiting because your beast will be able to suffer from a severe renal insufficiency …

Raw potatoes

It is true that we find the potato in most dog food, but raw potatoes are toxic for them. Moreover, for information purposes, they are also toxic for us humans!

The apricot

Like cherries, seeds, leaves, and stems of apricot plants are toxic to dogs, while they can entirely consume the pulp of the fruit. Precautions must be taken if your dog can access all other parts of the plant. They also contain cyanide and can cause respiratory failure and death.


With rhubarb, you can make delicious pies. Things are not so simple for our canine friends. The leaves and stems deplete the levels of calcium in their bodies. This can lead to kidney failure as well as other medical problems.

The apples

Big surprise! Because the apple is very popular with dogs. Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant: the seeds in the fruit also contain cyanide. So be careful, because prevention is better than cure.

The tomato plants

While the fruit is extremely beneficial to the health of canines, the plant is poisonous. The stems and leaves of a tomato plant can cause severe intestinal problems. So be careful if your dog is a little too curious and wandering in your garden.

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