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Do you want your faithful companion to follow you everywhere? You are quite right. Indeed, it is always lovely to traveling with your dog in our journeys. With a little preparation, everything is possible. I will give you all the information to travel with your dog safely and quickly.

The benefits of traveling with your dog

Before going into the modalities, see the advantages of traveling with your dog.

They seem quite natural, but we will still list the main ones.

  • Facilitate meetings;
  • Reinforce the links: Spend time 24 hours with your dog, it’s only happiness;
  • Do not keep it: This avoids leaving it to someone else for too long and also some childcare costs that add to the budget;
  • A little sport: For you as for your doggie, it will be great opportunities to spend your time;
  • A new education: Learn to walk without a leash, to obey outside unusual places like the train;
  • Avoid the lack, especially during long trips.

The disadvantages of traveling with your dog

Unfortunately, there are not only advantages to traveling with your dog. Some negatives can usually be overcome.

  • All accommodations do not accept pets: We must find apartments, camping or hotels adapted;
  • Some countries impossible to visit: Sometimes as you will see below, it is challenging to take it to certain countries;
  • The comfort of the dog not always optimal: To travel in hold on the plane for example or under the seat in the train …;
  • Sometimes more complicated travel: Always take care of a dog; it can not be independent.

Traveling with your dog: A little preparation

As I tell you just above, traveling with your dog is quite simple, but it still requires a small organization and anticipation on different points. Here are some tips for traveling serenely with your doggie.

Do not forget the business of everyday life

Depending on your destination, your means of transport and especially the place you have for your luggage, you have to take some things to your dog:

  • His leash;
  • His collar;
  • His bowls or travel bowls;
  • His croquettes for the fixed term;
  • His treats (Essential: p);
  • His shampoo;
  • His brush;
  • His pillow or basket if you have plenty of room (If you’re in a car, you can put it in the back seat to reassure him, and he lies down quietly);
  • One or two toys, otherwise a stick will do the job on the spot;
  • A bottle of freshwater for the journey;
  • Dung bags to pick up the natural needs.

Well, I do not think the list is complete, but as you may have noticed, I’m pretty up in the air, so do not hesitate to take my comment .

A first aid kit for traveling with your dog

Traveling with your dog requires a few precautions, especially in terms of care and health.

You can make a small first aid kit with dewormer, pest control, or other medications that have been prescribed by your veterinarian. This avoids buying everything on the spot, which is a saving of time but also money.

To complete, it is also recommended to bring a tick forceps and a smart comb. This can always be useful, especially if you go in the wilderness where these small critters are present.

Finally, if your dog gets a boo, you can also take an antiseptic, compresses and bandages. Of course, if this is too serious, consult a professional.

I found a complete article that speaks with more details of what you can bring to treat your dog in case of problems.


The education of a dog is done little by little, and it can serve during a trip with it.

If you want to let go and take it everywhere with you, it is better to review the basics before you leave and maybe train to get everything up and running. Here are some ideas:

  • Learn to walk on a leash ;
  • Necessary orders like sitting or lying down (I’ll explain here how to teach them to a Cocker);
  • Avoid barking in your absence.

These are just examples, but it helps to be serene.

The budget

Let’s talk about things that annoy.

If you want to travel with your dog, you have to budget for it.

Already, there is the transport to pay and depending on it, it is more or less expensive (see below).

Then there are all other expenses such as food and vet if needed.

Some rentals (And hotels, I have often paid the fees) also require daily participation for a dog, so get informed upstream.

Traveling with your dog abroad

Be careful, traveling with your dog when you go abroad, requires to inquire for each country that will be visited.

Let me explain.

Indeed, not all countries manage the arrival of animals on their territory in the same way. You have to take all the necessary information from the embassies concerned. Everyone has their regulations.

In general, to circulate within the World , you will need:

  • A certificate of good health prepared by your veterinarian ;
  • The vaccines must be up to date obviously ;
  • Identification certificate (electronic chip …).

In the majority of cases, your dog must also be at least three months old.

you have to be as vigilant. Each country then has its formalities that you can find in part here or there.

In any case, you must be vigilant because the holidays can quickly become less fun if you get arrested for this reason.

A check before leaving to travel with his dog

I think the best way to avoid any inconvenience is to visit your vet to plan your departure. He will know what it is necessary to do to travel with his dog, and he will see if all the vaccines are up to date and if the health of the dog allows the trip.

A last check the days before the departure is also possible, especially for the long durations and the distant countries. This way, we avoid unpleasant surprises.

The passport for dog

To travel with his dog in the world .Many people do not know it, but it is essential, especially if there is a control.

To get it, you must apply to a veterinarian. He alone can get it.

This passport allows us to see the health status of the dog directly and to check if the vaccines are up to date.

To have the precious sesame, you have to meet two conditions:

  • Up-to-date vaccines
  • Identification by electronic chip.

The main modes of transport for traveling with your dog

The car

For the car, you do not have any constraints. You manage a little as you wish, but you have to be logical enough.

The best is to put your dog in the back with his basket and even hang it with a suitable leash so that he, too, is safe. Also, I believe that the police can put fines when the dogs move by car!

Also, remember to hydrate it well and not to leave it alone in full sun so that it does not suffer from the heat.

If he has motion sickness, you can ask for advice before going to your veterinarian, who will probably give you some tablets that can be very useful.

The train

To travel with your dog by train, you have to take a ticket.

Do not cheat because the controller is usually very careful.

Of course, we must respect the rules for dogs said to be dangerous.

But the train indeed has many advantages over other means of transport. For example, you have your dog near you unlike the plane or the car. So you can caress him or give him a drink regularly.

Public transport

Whether in world, be aware that some trams, subways, and buses do not accept animals.

The plane

Some airlines accept the transportation of our four-legged companions.

However, all of this is highly regulated. First, pregnant females and dangerous dogs are not accepted.

Then he asks himself the question of the place of travel. Is it in the cargo hold or with you in the cabin?

In general, if he weighs more than 4 or 6 kg, he will travel in the hold in a specific cage.

Finally, the price varies depending on the weight of your dog and the weight of your luggage. A supplement will certainly be requested.

Do tests and research before traveling with your dog

To leave serene and go with your dog without any trouble, it is best to prepare.

How to do? It’s simple, test some things. For example, if you plan to travel with your dog by car. You can check his resistance and see if he is sick by going for a ride on roads with a few turns. This will allow you to see if treatment is needed.

If, depending on your age, you are also afraid of his ability to go for long walks; you can train before and see if he supports the effort as you wish. It will be a pity if your dog is hurt for a lack of anticipation .

It is also possible to do some research upstream. Indeed, it is essential to look at the temperatures in the different countries to adapt the equipment. If it’s too cold, why not buy a little coat and if it’s too hot, protection for paws to avoid heat bitumen.

It is also essential to check if the areas visited are at risk for the dog. That is to say, there may be parasites, risks of falls, or places that it does not like water, for example. If he does not like to swim, he may not be a good companion, or you will have to find solutions.

Traveling with your dog, a question of organization

So, you see, traveling with your dog, it’s not so magical.

It just requires a little anticipation and organization.

If you do it in advance, it should run smoothly.

Come on, tell us your journeys in comment.

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