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What are the basic dog commands? When we want to start the training of his dog, we are often lost. What should we train him? How to make it obedient?

What are the basic dog commands?

To have an obedient and well-trained dog is simple. Just train 6 basic dog commands!

With these 6 basic dog commands, your dog will be listening in all situations:

  • At home
  • With guests
  • In the street
  • In the presence of stimuli
  • When you meet other dogs

These 6 basic dog commands, and it is imperative to master them to train your dog successfully.

Before you start

We judge the success of an order in the long term! Each order must be able to be maintained in time (several seconds/minutes) to be validated.

If the order can not be maintained, it is necessary to work even more because without being held in the duration, the rules are useless or almost.

Besides, orders are useful at home or on a ride. Walk that must be free for your dog to run and spend physically.

If you do not respect your need for spending and stimulation, your behavior will change.

A frustrated dog will inevitably pull on the leash and not return to the recall.

The 6 orders to have an obedient dog


It’s the simple dog commands most familiar to the owners. They often think wrongly that this is the only order to understand…

The seated is perfect for channeling his dog. This order asks him to be in a sitting position and to stay there.

It is a useful order in all circumstances, to put the collar on, to wait at the red light, or to calm it in the presence of stimuli.

It is called an immobility order, which means that the dog can not move from his position (as long as you have not cut the law).

It makes him the most used, the most useful, and one of the easiest to master.

Lie down:

There is nothing special; when lying as its name suggests, your dog must lie down.

This order is essential to teach him the basket, to “impose” a rest during a ride (ask for a bed and wait a few minutes if it is exhausted) or for example, when traveling by car.

When the dog is lying is an inferiority posture, so it is useful if you are in the presence of a dominant dog and who can not calm down. The bed will allow to channel himself.

Stop :

Stop is the ability to stop your dog in all situations.

It allows us to ensure the safety of the dog, especially in town or in a park if there are children, cars …

The stop must mastered even if it runs after the ball, after a duck, or playing with another dog. Your dog should always listen to you first, also if he is in the game.


One of the most complicated ones for the masters. Have a dog come back to the feet without having to repeat, scream, or run after it.

Again the booster allows you to Safe walk because you know it will come back to you directly.

In general, if the reminder mastered, your dog will not move away, so you have everything to win to teach him the booster.

It is essential to learn the memory when you run away from stimulation or finish the tour and remember.

Do not move :

Not moving is useful to manage your dog at a distance. The goal is that it does not move (and yes, logic) the position no matter what happens.

Even if you run, throw the ball at him or play with other dogs, he must keep pace.

Is a useful order if guests send or handle the cart in the presence of stimuli. If today it is a little reactive you can better manage it with a step move

Walking on a leash:

A must, you must teach your dog to walk on a leash.

It means that he must not shoot, and he must, therefore, walk at your feet.

Mastering a walk on a leash means making sure you can go on a leash and get your dog out everywhere, whether it’s in the city with lots of people or a park with stimuli.

But remember, your dog must run and spend what is impossible on a leash.

You must, therefore, use the leash in certain situations (to take it to the park, for example) and then detach it.

All orders can learn from the first months of the puppy, do not wait to start!

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