What Are The Easiest Dog Breeds To Educate?

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What Are The Easiest Dog Breeds To Educate? You would like to have a natural dog ​​to educate! But you do not know where to find it? In a snap, would you like your dog to sit down or go to bed with the desire to obey you?

It is not easy to find a “turnkey” animal because it does not exist. The myth of the perfect dog in life hard education is what causes many owners to be too demanding with their pet.

The education of a dog is a question of environment, personality, and experiences.

So is your dog smart enough to be educated? And especially, what are the dog breeds the easiest to teach? Are there races predisposed to listen better and obey than others?

Come on, follow me. I guide you!

Are there races easier to educate than others?

There are not necessarily any breeds that are easier to educate, because there are many criteria that make one dog learn and obey more quickly than another.

For example, if you have a dog (no matter the breed) and you do not fulfill its needs (walk every day even with a garden, various stimulations, physical and mental play, lack of congeneric and human social contact, nutrition, etc.), your dog will be much harder to educate.

Depending on the breed, the dog’s needs will change. This is why you must choose the breed of your dog according to your lifestyle and your sensitivity. The choice of a dog should not be made on the sole criterion of the physical.

However, among all these breeds, some require more work and investment from the master. And for a good reason, some breeds of dogs have been selected for their ability to work alongside their master (example: Malinois or German Shepherd), other breeds have been selected on their initiative and their ability to manage without l almost human (like the husky or Canaan dog), while others were created only for the sole purpose of keeping company with their master (dog said companion or amenity like the French bulldogs) .

Intelligence and obedience

Scientists have found that some dog breeds have higher intellectual abilities than others. Among these breeds, the best known is the border collie. Information, however, is not at all a criterion of obedience far from it.

A dog that has developed intelligence will tend to take more initiative without your agreement and will not be fooled easily.

On the other hand, if you allowed your dog to develop his intelligence in education and in his way of life, it is undeniable that your relationship will only be strengthened. And if the bond that unites you is secure, your dog will have more pleasure to listen to you!

Educational methods

Before I discuss with you more specifically the breeds of dogs that we consider to be the most obedient, I would like to discuss with you the subject of educational methods.

In fact, a dog who is bullied in his education can just as quickly obey a dog educated with respect. But the relationship you forge on the basis of punishment will not be flawless. A bullied dog is afraid to make choices or to propose new behaviors. It may, therefore, be more difficult to obey for fear of getting angry.

While if you base your educational methods on benevolence, positive, respectful education, your dog will never be afraid of you and your reactions. He will, therefore, be more inclined to obey quickly.

The easiest dog breeds

These dogs are said to be obedient, very complicit with their masters:

The German Shepherd

He is a brilliant and affectionate dog. He is very popular with families. It stands out in certain canine activities such as tracking, obedience. It is the police dog par excellence. His predispositions to listen to his master are highly appreciated in the army.

The poodle

This hunting dog is elementary to educate and very smart. His exploits in specific numbers of circuses are blatant proof. You can also find it in many novels telling stories of dogs close to the man.

The border collie

The most famous herd dog in the world! The fans of the breed can tell you how much he likes to learn. It is often seen in obesity (activity of obedience in music). He is very versatile; we see agility, arrhythmia, sheep, and even biting.

The labrador

It’s a dog that’s both smart and jovial. It makes children happy. It is a calm and tolerant dog. We see it in many family movies. And it is primarily the breed most used in associations of service dogs and guide dogs.

The golden retriever

He, too, is known for his kindness. Often more energetic than the labrador, it is a breed that is used in personal rescues. He also helps people with disabilities and likes to learn

The Australian Shepherd or Aussie

He is a herding dog, and just like the border collie, he has a thirst for learning and for pleasing his master. It is less energetic than border collies. His education is therefore generally easier

Belgian shepherds

They are very good sheepdogs. They learn quickly and often like to please their master! Watch out for their energy needs that are not always easy to fill!

This list is, of course, not exhaustive because, again, the capacity of obedience will be specific to each individual.

To finish

I would say that the concept of informal education or obedient dog is unique to everyone.

This notion is subjective. To have an informal education, it is first necessary to choose the breed of his dog, so that it is consistent with our lifestyle and our abilities. Training in all cases requires a real investment, even in so-called “more obedient” breeds.

To prove it, it is enough to look at all those malinois abandoned each year because too difficult to manage.

Each race and each individual has specific needs that will be more or less difficult to obtain according to your determination and investment! There is, therefore, no miracle race or turnkey concerning obedience.

Nor is there any way of employment that it would be enough to apply for everything to go well. The best is to appeal to a dog-friendly behavioral dog training professional, to help you from the acquisition of the dog!

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