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What dog games can you play with your pet? The game occupies a prominent place in the education of the dog since it helps strengthen the relationship between the master and the animal. How to play with your dog? Which games should you prefer so that your dog is perfectly happy? All about dog games.

What dog games can you play with your pet?

Why play with his dog?

If we think primarily about dog food or veterinary care when we talk about the well-being of the dog, we sometimes forget the essential part of the game. Dog games are indeed necessary to the development of the dog.

The importance of the game for the dog

The dog is a friendly animal, and the game is a natural part of his interactions with others.is why we often see a puppy playing with his siblings. Playing with your dog is essential in different ways:

  • play is a social moment for the dog that helps him understand how to behave towards his master or others;
  • play is a stimulating activity that allows the animal to exercise and let off steam;
  • the game is a moment of free exchange that strengthens the relationship between a dog and his master.

Just as the dog’s walk is essential several times a day, it is necessary to arrange playtime with your dog, to stimulate and ensure his well-being.

Good to know: While puppies are particularly fond of playing, older dogs also continue to play regularly, although they do so at their own pace.

The use of the game in dog training

We often think instinctively of the dog ball or other toys when we talk about playing with a dog, but we must not forget that the game is also essential to educate the animal.

Indeed, through games, the dog learns to interact with his master and to follow his orders. A dog that brings the ball back to his master is a dog that has learned and understood that his master wants to recover the ball.

The interest in mixing dog game and training is that a dog who plays gets tired less quickly and learns better. It is indeed impossible to correctly teach an order to a bored dog.

How to play with a dog?

The game can sometimes be challenging to apprehend when you adopt your first dog. And yet there are many ways to play with a dog!

What games to practice with a dog?

Hard to be bored with a dog. Many games can help you to educate your dog while distracting:

  • The ball: Playing the ball is often a rewarding experience for the dog. This game is also beneficial for learning orders such as “report,” “not move,” or “foot.”
  • The finding objects: If your dog is bored, why not learn to search for purposes? You can have fun hiding a treat and guide the dog to find it. Once the dog introduced to this game, you are free to replace the dog biscuit with a toy or object that he likes. You can also hide yourself and improvise a hide and seek!
  • Learning new orders: learning to sit with your dog or other rules (“give the paw,” “do the beauty,” etc.) can be an enjoyable experience for the dog, provided you rely on the reward and congratulations to interest the animal. Education, when done well, is often considered a game by the dog.

If you want to devote more time to your pet, you can also practice a dog sport, such as flyball or agility. These are available activities to stimulate a dog and strengthen education.

Our tip: Always remember to use dog treats when you play. The gift is a reward that catches the dog’s attention and clearly shows your contentment. I will forget it!

Choosing my dog ​​toys

Apart from the fun activities, you can also buy dog toys, convenient to distract your pet when you are there or not:

  • ball ;
  • squeaky toy;
  • rope;
  • educational toy for dogs;
  • etc.

Remember that playing with his dog requires above all to devote the time, rather than buying him many dog accessories. The simplest toys will be enough, provided you are there to play with him. Interaction with the master or family members is indeed much more satisfying for the dog than communication with a toy.

Recommendation: The ideal is to store dog toys when you do not use them anymore. Storing toys is a way of making him understand when you want to play, and when the game is over. You will still be able, during your absences, leave him a game out to occupy.

Are there dog games to avoid?

To conclude on the subject, note that it remains relevant to choose dog games that do not irritate your pet too much.

If you have a stubborn or possessive dog, limit as much as possible the games that rely on a balance of power (like pulling the rope, for example). The game must not become a field of confrontation between you and your animal.

Also, be careful not to buy dog ​​toys that are too fragile, especially if you have a destructive dog. Your pet should not injured by swallowing small pieces of rubber or plastic.

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