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What is the dog guard? If the ideal is to always stay with your pet, it is not still possible. It is sometimes necessary for a teacher to have to leave and leave his dog for a day or more.

It may be interesting to use a dog guard service, which allows you to leave your pet in the hands of a competent professional.

There are different ways to keep your dog, whether at home or in a kennel or dog board.

What is the dog guard?

The term “dog guard” refers to all services that allow to entrust his pet to severe people and specialized in the care of animals.

Presentation of pet care services

As a master is always likely to be absent, some canine professionals have implemented different solutions of dog guards.

There are many services to keep a dog:

  • A professional can keep a dog from several hours to several days,
  • Depending on the service, the dog is kept at home or in a specialized establishment.

An animal care professional can take care of your dog on an ad hoc or regular basis, adapting to your absences and your schedule.

Why keep your dog?

The dog is an animal very attached to his master or his family. That’s why it’s essential to stay with him or take him on the road whenever possible.

Unfortunately, dogs are not necessarily accepted everywhere. Resorting to dog care is thus helpful in many cases:

  • If you finish later than usual,
  • If you have to go on vacation or traveling,
  • If you do not have time to walk the dog for lunch,
  • If you have to hospitalized,
  • Etc.

Some masters use a dog guard only in exceptional situations, while others use dog-sitters to help them take care of their animals daily.

Dog care: who to contact?

During some of your trips, your dog can not necessarily accompany you. However, it still requires regular care.

Today there are many different dog care services. So we find solutions tailored to all needs and preferences when giving dog to a professional.

Here are the different ways to keep your dog:

  • Home Care: A specialist will take care of your dog at home during your absences. Makes it possible not to disturb too much the habits of the animal.
  • The guard in foster care: you entrust your dog to an individual, who can take care of the host home. There are many websites linking dog-sitters and teachers.
  • The kennel: is an institution specialized in dog care. It is an excellent solution to leave a dog several days if necessary.
  • The dog board: canine boarding houses are often family-run establishments, which house a limited number of dogs and offer quality childcare.

Depending on the services, a dog care professional can take care of walks, bathing, or games.

But beware, some daycare services are only a dog board service, without necessarily dealing individually with each animal.

Choose where to keep your dog

When choosing a custody solution for a dog, different criteria are important to consider:

  • Does the person in charge of your dog inspire you with confidence?
  • Is the place of reception clean?
  • Does the place seem to suit your dog’s character and habits?
  • Will, your dog receive the necessary care (food, medication if under treatment, walks, games, etc.)?

Be sure you have a contract for your pet before you entrust your dog to a kennel or dog sitter and inquire about your service provider’s credibility on the internet.

Good to know: before you keep a dog, check that his vaccination record is up to date. Most dog care facilities deny access to unvaccinated animals.

Rates of the dog guard

The prices of a dog guard vary according to the type of guard, the geographical situation, and the number of dogs entrusted to him.

Always think about comparing the prices of the different dog boarding or dog guards near you to be sure to enjoy the best offer.

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