Why does my dog lick his lips?

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Dogs communicate through body language. Have you ever wondered what it means for your dog to lick its lips? This is a sign of various concerns.

Have you ever wondered if when your dog licks its lips, it is sending you a message? If you see a dog licking its lips, you can assume that it is merely eating or drooling for something. But what if there is no food around? What does licking lips mean then?

Licking lips is a type of canine communication. When a dog licks its lips, it uses body language, so you know how it feels. If your dog licks its lips, one of these situations may be happening:

Anticipate that you will receive your food

The most apparent reason why your dog licks its lips is in anticipation of food. Commonly, expectation is also the cause of increased salivation.

Send an appease signal.

According to professional trainers, a rapid movement of a dog’s tongue in and out of his lips is generally a sign of appeasement. Among canine trainers, the phrase “signs of calm” refers to licking lips and similar behaviors.

It all comes down to dogs that are licking their lips, feeling stressed, or uncomfortable about what happens around them. Faced with a situation they perceive as a threat, they emit a sign of calm to avoid aggression.

We have an example that illustrates this by seeing it in dogs that are scolded by a mischief. In that situation, the dog can recognize its owner as a threat. Then the dog offers a gesture of appeasement licking his lips and avoiding his gaze. It is a way in which the dog says that it is not a threat to the person or animal that behaves aggressively.

Maybe a dog licks his lips for fear.

A fearful dog could lick his lips. Sometimes dogs exhibit gestures such as licking their lips And yawning when feeling frustrated or mixing. These signs are shown during training sessions when dogs have trouble understanding what they are taught.

have nausea, physical pain or oral discomfort

Another possible important reason why a dog licks its lips is a health-related problem, such as nausea, dental disease, or lips pain. If your dog is licking his lips or drooling more than usual, a visit to the veterinarian can rule out a medical cause for excessive licking.

Look for other signs of illness and closely monitor your dog. You may also be experiencing physical discomfort or a bowel problem.

A dog that licks its lips may suffer anxiety.

There is a study that examined the canine behavior produced after the separation of the owners for 30 minutes, two, and four hours. The researchers noted that the longer the divorce, the more dogs licked their lips and shook their bodies when they met their owners.

If your dog licks his lips when he is in consultation with the veterinarian, Or any position that makes him nervous, try to direct it again positively way. For example, you can ask him to do the trick and then reward him for complying. Avoid comforting your dog when he is uncomfortable, as this only reinforces his fear or anxiety.

Dogs developed signs of calm as a way to communicate and avoid conflicts between them. Thus, it is estimated that dogs have about 30 symptoms of calm; They use these signals when they interact with humans and with other dogs.

It is important to observe when, how, and what makes your dog lick its lips, as it may indicate anxiety or stress. Each dog is different, but with a little time and observation, you can “read” their messages.

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