Your puppy is crying and you can not calm him

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Your puppy is crying, and you can not calm him down? Find answers to your questions and primarily concrete actions to understand and soothe your puppy when he is in an unstable emotional state.

Your puppy is crying: why?

A crying puppy is never pleasant. And just like for an infant, it’s sometimes hard to understand the reason for crying when you do not have the decoder yet.

A puppy can cry for many reasons, but here we will remember the four main ones, the most widespread and observed:

My puppy is crying because he misses his siblings

Once your puppy comes to your house unless you have taken most of them or already have some dogs at home, it goes to a mysterious social group, which sometimes consists of pets never seen (cats, rabbits), kids never seen, etc..

This change is often quite significant and requires a period of adaptation during which it is quite reasonable for your puppy to push vocalizations to express his discomfort and apprehension.

You will also notice the crying rather the night, period that he was used to living surrounded by all his brothers and sisters. At home, he finds himself alone in an environment he knows and in which he is, in fact, not yet very comfortable.

My puppy is crying because he is alone

Your puppy may also cry when you are away. Indeed, when you adopt a puppy, you become for him a real landmark, a being of attachment: it is, therefore, tough for him to see you go and stay alone (again in an environment that is still foreign).

In this, the learning of loneliness is more than necessary to allow your puppy to live more and more serenely your departures and periods of isolation in a general way (whether you are completely away from home or only in another room).

My puppy is crying because he wants attention

The smart guys quickly understand how to get their master’s attention. If, just once, you gave your pup your full attention as soon as he began to cry/push vocalizes: then you have won the palm of the master who will quickly be overwhelmed.

Indeed, puppies learn very quickly, good or bad habits: a misstep from you and presto, here is a bad habit of taking!

Not that it must be perfect, far from it, but it is true that consistency is the keyword to get good results. It is very often that the problems encountered with puppies (and even with adult dogs) explained by a lack of coherence in the attitude of the masters:

  • My puppy does not stop to jump on me, but sometimes I indeed find it so cute that I caress.
  • My puppy does not stop barking, crying, pushing vocalizes, but, indeed, I always come running to be sure that he is well.
  • My puppy nibbles me, but, indeed, I often play with him just with my hands.
  • My puppy is still peeing at home, but, indeed, I do not have time to take him outside regularly.

I can still find you a good ten examples such as those mentioned here. But in and of itself, these are not severe inconsistencies if you become aware of them quickly, and your attitude changes and moves in the right direction.

My puppy is crying because he is in pain

Finally, it is also possible that your puppy is crying because he is suffering from a physical problem. If you think you can exclude the three previous causes that would explain your puppy’s crying, then make an appointment with your vet to examine your puppy.

Crying puppy: how to calm him?

I suggest you take the leading causes mentioned above and find concrete solutions for each of them to limit (or even eliminate) the tears of your puppy.

But first of all, know that the crying of a puppy is not necessarily synonymous with great emotional suffering. It may be, and we have seen it, to express frustration due to a lack of attention. It is essential to be aware of this, sometimes to feel guilt and take a step back from the real welfare of the puppy.

Calm a crying puppy because he misses his siblings

Before you even get your puppy from his breeder, do not hesitate to bring him a garment that has your smell so that your puppy already gets used to your olfactory way.

Similarly, when you go to the breeding, do not hesitate to ask if it is possible to bring a cloth that was in the layer of the siblings for your puppy to make a smooth olfactory transition.

Equip your puppy with a soothing diffuser necklace, soothing pheromones that will help calm him in his new environment.

The first night at home can be very traumatic for your puppy; you can exceptionally accept (even if you think to prohibit it later) that your puppy sleeps in your room so that it is not entirely alone.

Of course, offer him a natural basket, if possible with flanges and not too big so he can snuggle up as he would among his brothers and sisters.

Calm a crying puppy because he is alone

Teach him as soon as possible to be alone so that he can live these periods more and more serenely.

Do not hesitate to forbid your puppy access to a room in the house so that he gets used to staying alone even when you are there.

Leave him a toy of occupation so that he assimilates your departure to something positive.

Go home as if you were going to pick up the mail in the mailbox. Do not make your departures incredible events.

Reduce your puppy’s space when you leave.

Do not take too long absences, start with 5 or 10 minutes, then increase as you go.

Calm a crying puppy to claim your attention

Always be the first contact with your puppy. If he understands that by begging an interaction through crying, he gets it, then you enter an endless cycle.

When he cries, ignore him (do not talk to him, do not look at him, do not speak to him), and as soon as he has calmed down, call him for a contact.

Make sure to give him some occupations, games of stimulation, and so on so that it evolves in autonomy and does not feel obliged to be in constant contact with you to pass the time.

Answer his needs, walk him regularly, play with him, teach him little tricks, initiate the first essential learning: it helps to tire your puppy. And a tired puppy does not cry; he sleeps!

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